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China Livestock Market Research Weekly Report

Published by Beijing Orient Agribusiness Consultants Ltd. Product code 66441
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China Livestock Market Research Weekly Report
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News: It reports dynamic issues related to policies, technologies, development, trade, etc in the field of livestock & feed industry and its correlated industry.

Data Statistics: It covers current conditions of staple materials for main feed varieties, including corn, soymeal, fishmeal, methionine, lysine and feed ingredients; feed varieties for industry use, broiler, layer, hog, ruminant and aquatic feed. And it provides livestock imp & exp amount by countries, customs and provinces as well as meat and feed output.

Analysis Forecast: It covers an in-depth analysis on market change, future trend and policies both at home and abroad in domestic livestock and feed market and its correlated industry.

Supply & Demand: It regularly releases domestic supply & demand balance sheet for meat and feed in order to estimate supply& demand conditions in key meat and feed markets.

Port Trends: It reports volume, consumption, stock and price change of imported feed ingredients and meat via ports.

Price Trend: It monitors purchasing, factory, wholesale and selling prices via ports of main feed ingredients and livestock varieties as to forecast the future prices.

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