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Bathroom Programme: Core Bathroom Products; Global Package

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Bathroom Programme: Core Bathroom Products; Global Package
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This publication has been discontinued on June 5, 2020.


BRG launched its Enterprise Database in 2010 as a multi-functional, interactive platform to provide its clients with access to detailed market summaries, reports and comprehensive data analysis. The database is a web-based application for which qualifying clients receive personal login details.

The main features of the system include :

  • •Data analysis grids (pivot-table style) for the main data sets including Trends, Values, Market Shares, Segmentation (Technical and Market Breakdown)
  • •An ability to export all data to Excel and PDF
  • •A portal of market summaries, country reports (all with hyperlinked Table of Contents)
  • •Company Profile portal, providing access to information on financials, structure, product range, market focus and distribution policies.

Selected screenshots of the user interface pages are shown below:

The main analysis function includes:

  • •Data filters which can be added or removed (via simple drag-and-drop) to/from the analysis grid
  • •Multi-dimensional analysis grids (pivot-style) used to aggregate, compare, omit and sum data.
  • •A typical "Shares" analysis grid:
  • •Clients have access to a portal of product/market summaries and reports.

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