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Epiomic Patient Segmentation Database

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Epiomic Patient Segmentation Database
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The Epiomic™ Database is an evidence-based source for patient populations. Going beyond basic prevalence or incidence, patient populations are segmented according to biomarkers, clinical parameters and/or co-morbid conditions.

By providing more detailed segmentation, these refined populations provide the fundamental building blocks for more accurate and robust asset valuations and forecasts. Utilising the latest research, datasets are constructed using a wide variety of sources and reliable tools and techniques, resulting in a strong and defendable analysis of the epidemiology.

A Systematic Methodology

  • Using rigorous search algorithms, we extract the latest data and research. Stringent review criteria employed to scrutinize data relevance.
  • Data is analysed using tools and methods including meta-analyses, logistic regression and patient models to interrogate data.
  • Data is calibrated back to real world known values where possible, and checked against other datasets to ensure continuity within the database

Disease areas are published online to the EpiomicTM Database for timely access.

Unlocking The Value In Your Business

The Epiomic™ Database allows you to better understand your patient population

Robustness and Reliability

  • Rigorous enough to stand up to scrutiny from regulatory bodies.

Rare Disease Coverage

  • Applying proprietary incidence disease modelling techniques which incorporate the often-limited patient data available for rare diseases, we have generated estimated numbers of patients for 35+ rare diseases.


  • Utilising the most up-to-date information from patient registries, clinical trials and epidemiology studies to generate accurate patient population estimates. All diseases are routinely updated every 12 months, with more frequent updates to diseases of greater interest and focus on publications.

Breadth and Depth

  • Covering 195+ diseases and data for over 25 countries
  • Including 9,500+ unique sub-populations
  • Extensive in-patient data: hospital admissions and procedures data is available by ICD-9 and ICD-10 codes


  • Subscribers can select data for a 10-year (adjustable) forecast period split by gender and 5-year age cohort
  • Biometric distributions: specify cut-points for population distributions, such as blood pressure, lipid profile, lung function, BMI, kidney function etc, to generate unique patient segments within the overall disease


  • An intuitive online interface makes it simple to navigate through the site and filtering different diseases and sub-populations. With rapid access to data, easy extraction and quick Excel downloads

Disease Coverage

The Epiomic™ Database covers a comprehensive range of over 195 prominent and rare diseases, including over 9,500 sub-populations, organised into 15 therapeutic categories. Each category includes all relevant diseases for the therapy area with easy navigation between diseases. The data shows a 10-year adjustable forecast (up to 2100) split by gender and 5-year age cohorts giving a very detailed perspective of each condition's population.

  • 15+ Therapeutic categories
  • 195+ Diseases
  • 9,500+ Sub-populations

Geographic Coverage

The EpiomicTM Database provides a global coverage to make business decisions clear Patient populations are fully available for 19 leading global markets.

*Some indications are not covered due to lack of available data. A minimum of 90% of indications are covered.

We have additional country coverage available:

  • Czech Republic
  • Greece
  • Hungary
  • Luxembourg
  • Iceland
  • Portugal
  • Romania
  • Saudi Arabia
  • South Africa

Country expansion planned for 2019


  • Colombia


  • South Africa

Gulf States

  • Saudi Arabia

Other Europe

  • Romania
  • Czechia
  • Portugal

Targeted Solutions to Match Your Business Needs

The EpiomicTM Database is tailored to suit your needs, offering a variety of subscription Packages.

Core Packages - A core subscription package is required

  • Essentials: Covers 50 core diseases across 10 major markets*
  • Universe: Includes the entire database with access to 195+ diseases, all available markets, Hospital Admissions and Hospital Procedures

*10 Majors Markets: USA, Japan, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, UK, Poland and Turkey.

Diseases Packages - Additional diseases to supplement your core subscription

  • Oncology: Access to the full range of oncology data
  • Rare diseases: Access to the full range of rare diseases
  • Ophthalmology: Access to the full range of ophthalmic conditions
  • Enhanced Diseases: Access to over 30 additional diseases not available in any other pack
  • Hospital Admissions: Access to the in-patient hospital admission dataset
  • Hospital Procedures: Access to the in-patient hospital procedures dataset

Region Packages - Expanded geographic coverage to supplement your core subscription

  • BRIC: Access to data for Brazil, Russia, India and China
  • EU Plus: Access to additional EU countries
  • Asia-Pacific: Access to data for Australia, China, Indonesia, Singapore and South Korea
  • LATAM: Access to data for Brazil, Argentina and Mexico
  • Nordics: Access to data for Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden
  • Rest of the World: Access to data for additional countries not available in any other pack
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