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Rx Price Index Database

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Rx Price Index Database
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The Rx Price Index™ is an online database that pulls together pricing information for all licensed available pharmaceutical products across the European markets and other select countries.

Data Sourcing & Handling

Verified local country sources

  • Usually health authorities or government databases

Every price point is worked back to an ex-manufacturer or ex-factory price

  • Ex-manufacturer price is the price at which the manufacturer sells the product (no VAT, margins or mark ups etc. are added)
  • All calculations are verified using external and internal validation methods

Rigorous data management & import process

  • All data is translated into English and standardised to ensure data harmonization across the database
  • Extensive content management to ensure the robustness of the data

Passive & Active Quality Control

  • Gate keeper lists
  • Routine Randomised Checks
  • Data Audits


Creating Value For Your Business

Rx PRICE INDEX™ allows Data-Driven Decision Making

Coverage of 25 European Markets

Extensive coverage of 25 European markets which include EU5, where data is compiled from a range of EU sources.

Search and compare drug prices

Conduct a rapid analysis of the European therapeutic landscape to understand the competitive environment and determine price points.

Longitudinal data

With historical data points from June 2015 at your fingertips, the Rx PRICE INDEX™ helps you to understand the evolution of the pricing environment.

Standardisation of data

Directly compare drug price across all 25 markets. All our information is translated and standardised using a series of data libraries & algorithms to ensure high-quality data.

Monthly updates

Our databases are updated on a monthly basis to ensure that you remain informed of any changes or new developments in the market.

European Launch Order

Determine the optimal launch sequence for new products based on EU reference market price points.

Tailored to user needs

The Rx PRICE INDEX™ has been designed with you in mind; with an intuitive user interface, you can seamlessly navigate the database in a matter of seconds to find the prices that you need.

Export to Excel

The database allows you to export the output to Excel, so that you can easily integrate the data in your analysis. The excel file will also show the local currency as well as your chosen currency at the daily exchange rate.

Rx Price Index™ delivers a unique solution to make business decisions clear

Area Question Rx Price Index™ Solution
Competitive Landscape Which competitor drugs are available in European markets and what price are they set at? Providing a comprehensive snapshot of the market giving a reliable picture of the competitive terrain
Launch Planning How does the database enable me to determine the optimal launch sequence for new products? Helping you determine the optimal launch sequence for new products based on EU reference market price points
Pricing What price can I set for my drug? Helping you lay the foundation for a transparent pricing strategy based on established price points in the market
Custom Access Can I access the data partially or request custom reports? Black Swan Analysis offers selective country access and client-based custom reports that suit your needs.

Geographic Coverage

The Rx Price Index™ covers 25 EU Markets with future expansions scheduled


Rx Price Index™ offers transparent pricing to inform your competitive environment across Europe


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