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Wireless Industry Indices Report Two Year Subscription

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Wireless Industry Indices Report Two Year Subscription
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Since 1985, CTIA has issued the most comprehensive periodic report on the wireless industry. Rather than a sampling, it is the actual data for more than 97 percent of the industry on subjects such as subscribers, revenues, cell sites, and the average monthly bill for consumers. With more than 66 tables and 38 charts, the 183-page Wireless Industry Indices report provides a comprehensive review of the survey results over time, and a detailed series of benchmarks for industry performance and productivity. The latest issue of the Wireless Industry Indices report updates comparisons between wireless services and selected data from wireline service markets. The report includes wireless service revenues. Among current and historical industry trends analyzed are subscriber usage (calls and minutes of use), incremental capital investment, prepaid subscribership, and subscriber-to-employee ratios. The report draws upon additional sources to include subscribership by state and by other "Economic Areas." CTIA's Wireless Industry Indices report provides a broad range of statistics for the wireless industry, including gross additions and disconnects. Special sections on prepaid and wireless data services are also included.

As the industry has evolved, the CTIA semi-annual data survey has tracked its changes, with additional benchmarks and improved definitions. The reported information includes:

  • Data service usage
  • Minutes of Use and other traffic measures
  • Disconnects and adds
  • Incremental Capital Investment and Network Build-out Statistics
  • Wireless vs. Wireline Comparisons

The two-year subscription includes two reports, the most recent Wireless Industry Indices Report and your choice of a past or future report.

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