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China Imported Iron Ore Inventory at Ports Weekly Statistics Report 2017

Published by Beijing Data Time Consulting Ltd. Product code 440718
Published 52 issues / year Content info
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China Imported Iron Ore Inventory at Ports Weekly Statistics Report 2017
Published: 52 issues / year Content info:


This report brings you imported iron ore inventories data information at ports in China. All the inventories data are collected from different ports through China.

All the inventories information are based on our daily contact with the ports, manufacturers and traders for years, it reflects the actual inventory change here in China from different market or region.

It's a necessary statistics report for those who do business with China on iron ore.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

The following ports are covered in the report:

  • Qingdao Port
  • Rizhao Port
  • Caofeidian Port
  • Jingtang Port
  • Lianyungang Port
  • Tianjin Port
  • Lanshan Port
  • Fangchenggang Port
  • Zhenjiang Port
  • Dalian Port
  • Yantai Port
  • Beilun Port
  • Bayuquan Port
  • Taicang Port
  • Nantong Port
  • Rugao Port
  • Zhanjiang Port
  • Luojing Port
  • Nanjing Port
  • Jiangyin Port
  • Xiamen Port
  • Fuzhou Port
  • Zhangjiagang Port
  • Qinghuangdao Port
  • Quanzhou Port
  • Qinzhou Port
  • Changzhou Port
  • Dandong Port
  • Mawan Port
  • Longkou Port
  • Guangzhou Port
  • Ganlan Port
  • Shekou Port
  • Taizhou Port
  • Majishan Port
  • Jinzhou Port
  • Yangzhou Port
  • Huanghua Port
  • Zhoushan Wugang Port
  • Weifang Port
  • Laizhou Port
  • Lanqiao Port
  • Meijin Port
  • Putian Port
  • Mawei Port

The following statistics data are covered for each of the above ports:

  • Iron Ore from Australia
  • Iron Ore from Brazil
  • Iron Ore from India
  • Total Inventory of this week
  • Total Inventory of last week
  • Average Daily Port Logistic Amount of Iron Ore
  • Yard Capacity
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