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Sweeteners China News

Published by CCM Data & Business Intelligence Product code 204026
Published 12 issues / year Content info 36 Pages
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Sweeteners China News
Published: 12 issues / year Content info: 36 Pages

“Sweeteners China News” provides you with real-time intelligence on China's sugar and sweeteners market.

It is a monthly published newsletter, which can be downloaded in PDF format. The subscription period is yearly, grants the subscriber 12 issues in total.

China is one of the world's largest producers of sweeteners, dominating the global market for many high-intensity sweeteners such as saccharin, cyclamate, acesulfame-K (Ace-K), stevia, aspartame, sucralose, glycyrrhizin, alitame and neotame. Consumption is also rising rapidly in China thanks to the increasing popularity of sugar-enriched food and beverage products.

However, many sectors are mired in overcapacity, with prices dropping so low that Chinese producers are in danger of being hit by anti-dumping measures in key export markets. Meanwhile, companies are struggling to upgrade their production technology and adapt to much stricter environmental regulations.

“Sweeteners China News” will help you stay ahead of the game in this fast-changing market with real-time reporting on the entire sweeteners industry chain, from raw materials to end consumption. This includes:

  • Breaking news from China and abroad
  • The latest market data, including price information for raw materials, intermediates and end products, import/export data, production, consumption, operating rates, etc.
  • In-depth analysis of market trends, Chinese government policy, the performance of leading Chinese producers, M&A, new technologies, and more
  • Expert commentary from industry insiders, including regular guest articles and interviews with insiders at leading Chinese manufacturers, associations and government organizations
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

  • Headline
  • Editor's Note
  • Governmental Direction
  • Guangxi to designate special counties for sugarcane high quality and high efficiency action project
  • Market Dynamics
  • EIA of Yuxin Technology's 20,000 t/a erythritol project accepted
  • Two HFCS projects completed the publicity of the checking and accepting report
  • Company Development
  • Sanyuan Biology issues IPO prospectus (draft for application)
  • EIA of Henan Jinyufeng's bio-tech grand health industry park project (Phase I) publicized
  • Progresses on Jilin OGO's and Jilin Jia'ao's sweetener project
  • YoY growth seen in Jinhe Industrial's performance forecast of H1 2021
  • Chuzhou Refine publicising EIA of 15,000 t/a erythritol project
  • Price Update
  • Ex-work price of sweeteners in China, June 2021
  • Prices of starch sugar products remaining stable in June
  • Import and Export Analysis
  • Exports of sweeteners and raw materials from China, April 2021
  • China's xylitol export turning weak in April
  • News in Brief
  • Research on international agricultural cooperation policies of sugarcane launched in Dehong
  • Result of acceptance check of Zhejiang Hengcai's sugar production project publicized
  • Benyue Biological's 70 t/a neotame technical transformation passes acceptance check
  • Jinyang Pharmaceutical publicizes EIA of 100 t/a B-glucan project
  • Sales and production of sugar in China in May
  • CAMCE's sugar mill project in Ethiopia officially operating
  • Construction planning permission of Zhejiang Huakang's erythritol project approved
  • Public notice on the checking and accepting of 5,000 t/d sugar technology adaptation project of Mengbin Sugar Mill
  • COFCO Sugar (Tangshan) to invest in a new white sugar production line
  • Shengda Bio-pharm postponing the 2,000 t/a sucrose ferment project
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