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Insecticides China News

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Published 12 issues / year Content info 22 Pages
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Insecticides China News
Published: 12 issues / year Content info: 22 Pages


RMF Group has formed a partnership with FMC, holder of chlorantraniliprole patent, by virtue of its own strength, and has been authorized to expand the market of chlorantraniliprole terminal formulation products with FMC. With the approaching of the expiration of chlorantraniliprole patent in China, RMF Group has started the plan to realize large-scale production capacity of chlorantraniliprole TC and its intermediate, offering the company the whole-industrial-chain competitive edge of chlorantraniliprole which is "intermediate→TC→formulation" in post-patent era of chlorantraniliprole.

Jiamusi Heilong plans to build a 1,000 t/a penoxsulam and 300 t/a metaflumizone project, based on its existing industrial projects, plan of Shandong Huimeng, its controlling shareholder, and its sustainable development strategy, so as to form large-scale production capacities of penoxsulam TC and metaflumizone TC that are key and strategic products in the future development of Jiamusi Heilong.

Chongqing Shurong, a leading enterprise in pesticide formulation in China, plans to launch a 126,000 t/a pesticide formulation project to construct pesticide formulation production workshops that are domestically-advanced and highly-intelligent in environmental protection and intelligentization as well as to expand the production scale of pesticide formulation products, so as to continuously improve its core competitiveness in the field of pesticide formulation and consolidate its leading position in China's terminal formulation industry of glyphosate.

Domestic ex-works prices of insecticide TC stabilized during National Agrochemical Exchange Meeting & AgroChemEx. Specifically, prices of organophosphorus insecticides TC became steady generally. Inventories of major nicotinamide insecticides such as imidacloprid TC and acetamiprid TC were still high after decreases, and their prices turned stability from decline. Prices of pyrethroid insecticides TC went down a bit. Currently, no obvious change is seen in demand and supply relation of insecticide TC in China, thus the price is expected to keep steady in short term.

After the National Day holiday, domestic insecticide TC producers maintained normal production as that before the holiday. However, the operating rate was low on the whole. Specifically, producers of organophosphorus insecticide TC ran normally with low operating rate; producers of nicotinamide insecticide TC actively adjusted operating rate according to sales; Producers of pyrethroid insecticide TC were not so enthusiastic about production because of poor sales of most of products.

On 11 Oct., the China Crop Protection Industry Association released the 2019 Top 30 Pesticide Exporters (by export value) in China, and Yangnong Chemical ranked top 2 in the list. Major export insecticide products of Yangnong Chemical include imidacloprid and cypermethrin, the exports of which in 2019 will be introduced in this article.

At the end of Oct., 2020, ICAMA released the list of 32 newly-approved pesticide registrations, which includes 13 pesticides. All of these newly registered insecticides are formulation products.

At the end of Sept., the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China issued the Plan for Fighting Against Air Pollution in Autumn and Winter in Beijing-Tianjin-Hubei Region and Its Surrounding Areas and Fenwei Plains 2020-2021 (draft for comment). 39 industries including pesticide industry in Beijing-Tianjin-Hubei Region and its surrounding areas as well as Fenwei Plains are involved in the Plan. Looking back to the past few years, every end-Sept. to early-Oct. saw the releases of production halt decrees, plus the staggered production due to the annual heating season in North China, production halts in "2+26" cities of air pollution transmission channels in Beijing-Tianjin-Hubei Region always started in Oct. Therefore, impact from the Plan to the pesticide market cannot be ignored.

NATESC has been busy implementing agro-tech actions for autumn and winter sowing as well as agricultural development in winter, and strengthening prevention and control of pests and diseases is one of the major tasks. Therefore, NATESC compiled and released the Guidance on Prevention and Control of Wheat Pests and Diseases in Autumn and Winter 2020 at the end of Sept.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Editor's Note

Column 1 Company Dynamics

RMF Group to form whole-industrial-chain competitive edge of chlorantraniliprole

Jiamusi Heilong to form production capacities of penoxsulam TC and metaflumizone TC

Chongqing Shurong to expand production scale of pesticide formulation products

Column 2 Market Dynamics

Ex-works prices of China's insecticide TC stabilize in Oct.

Domestic insecticide TC producers run normally with relatively low operating rate in late-Oct.

Column 3 Import and Export

Exports of major insecticide products of Yangnong Chemical in 2019

Column 4 Registration

13 insecticide products approved for registration in China in end-Oct.

Column 5 Policy Dynamics

Production halt decree in autumn and winter may be coming

Column 6 Pest

Guidance on treating wheat pests and diseases in autumn and winter 2020 released

Column 7 Brief News

National monitoring and reporting network of crop pests and diseases formed preliminarily

Qingdao Hailir increases capital of Qingdao Audis

Locust plague in Africa to worsen

3 local standards about spodoptera frugiperda drafted in Jiangxi Province

Broflanilide product gains registration in Japan

Sichuan Guoguang to purchase 55% stakes of Haozhida Biotechnology

EU extents approval periods of 27 substances including indoxacarb

3 new pesticide registrations from Bayer and Shenzhen Bioglobal approved

Thiamethoxam registered to treat root knot nematode for first time in China

Net profit of Jiangsu Changqing in first three quarters down by 24.60% YoY

Supply shortage of spirotetramat seen in China at end of Oct.

Column 8 Price Update

Ex-works prices of major insecticides in China, 8 Oct., 2020

Shanghai Port prices of major insecticides in China, 8 Oct., 2020

FOB Shanghai prices of major insecticides in China, 8 Oct., 2020

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