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PUBLISHER: CCM Data & Business Intelligence | PRODUCT CODE: 204037

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PUBLISHER: CCM Data & Business Intelligence | PRODUCT CODE: 204037


PUBLISHED: 12 issues / year
PAGES: 40 Pages
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In Oct., Xingfa Group's glyphosate TC production line remained at a low operating rate, which has slipped significantly since Aug. for equipment maintenance and continued market downturn.

In mid-Oct., Weifang Rainbow proposed the project change from the construction of 20,000 t/a 2,4-D, 2,000 t/a clethodim and 500 t/a haloxyfop-R-methyl to the technical reform project of 25,000 t/a glycine-route glyphosate equipment, while with few significant advantages over other leading manufacturers, the company may struggle to put the new line into production.

On 24 Oct., Nantong Jiangshan Agrochemical and Chemicals Co., Ltd. (Nantong Jiangshan) announced to invest in the projects of the PMIDA TK wastewater treatment optimisation and upgrading, flame retardant phase II and wharf reconstruction.

On 25 Oct., Shandong Binnong revealed that it had optimised the production structure of pesticide products at its existing production plant in Bincheng Chemical Park, in Binzhou City, Shandong Province, including the dismantling of all glyphosate TC production installations, in the consideration of the company's development strategy, pesticide market and other external factors.

In early Oct., the ex-works price of glyphosate TC in China levelled off and showed little change compared with early Sept., for the upturn, fuelled by the increased costs and tight supply, was largely offset by the low demand from downstream.

In mid-Oct., the operating rate of Chinese glyphosate TC producers rose slightly MoM, while not all of them picked it up as the demand for glyphosate TC remained weak.

In Sept.-Oct., many provinces in China held special meetings on scheduling the energy consumption for heating this winter.

As of 21 Oct., China has completed two rounds of environment inspections and will arrange the new round of inspections systematically based on the practical experience, to address the key ecological problems.

In Oct., ICAMA approved 4 newly-registered glyphosate products, of which Nantong Jiangshan's glyphosate potassium salt is only for export to Australia and Canada.

In June-Aug. 2022, glyphosate products from China were mainly exported to Argentina, Brazil, the US, Russia, etc., with total export volume (actual volume) decreasing by 35.24% YoY, while the export volume to Russia went up by 19.59% YoY.

This article provides ex-works prices of glyphosate products, related intermediates and raw materials in the first half of Oct., 2022, including glyphosate TC, glyphosate 41% IPA, glyphosate 50% SP, glyphosate 62% IPA, glyphosate 75.7% WSG, glycine, IDAN, DEA, PMIDA, yellow phosphorus, phosphorus trichloride and isopropylamine.

Glyphosate China Monthly Report provides you with real-time intelligence on China's glyphosate market.

It is a monthly published newsletter, which can be downloaded in PDF format. The subscription period is yearly, grants the subscriber 12 issues in total.

China is the world's largest producer of glyphosate, with 80% of the glyphosate produced in China being exported. Glyphosate is also still by far the most popular herbicide among Chinese farmers.

However, the industry is facing a number of serious long-term challenges. Increasing crop resistance threatens to make glyphosate less attractive to farmers, while research linking the product to cancer could lead to several key export markets banning the product altogether. Meanwhile, Chinese producers are struggling to comply with tough new environmental regulations and cope with severe industry overcapacity.

Glyphosate China Monthly Report will help you stay ahead of the game in this fast-changing market with real-time reporting on the entire glyphosate industry chain, from raw materials to end consumption. This includes:

Breaking news from China and abroad

The latest market data, including price information for glycine, PMIDA, IDAN, paraformaldehyde, yellow phosphorus, and other raw materials and intermediates, import/export data, production, consumption, operating rates, etc.

In-depth analysis of market trends, Chinese government policy, the performance of leading Chinese producers, M&A, new technologies, threats from possible substitutes, and more;

Expert commentary from industry insiders, including regular guest articles and interviews with insiders at leading Chinese manufacturers, associations and government organizations.

Table of Contents

Headline 1

Editor's note 3

Company dynamics 4

Operating rate of Xingfa Group's glyphosate TC production line remains low 4

Weifang Rainbow proposes technical reform to build 25,000 t/a glyphosate equipment 5

Nantong Jiangshan to establish three new projects 6

Shandong Binnong dismantles all glyphosate TC production installations 7

Market analysis 10

Ex-works price of Chinese glyphosate TC levels off 10

Chinese glyphosate TC producers see rising operating rate 10

Policy 12

Provinces lay out heating plans for the coming winter 12

China to proceed third round of environment inspections 13

Registration 14

ICAMA approves 4 newly-registered glyphosate products in Oct. 14

Import and Export 16

China's glyphosate TC exports to Russia grow in June-Aug. 2022 16

News in Brief 20

US EPA extends glyphosate re-evaluation to 2026 20

Xingfa Group predicts 96.98%-98.98% YoY growth in Q1-Q3 performance 20

Glyphosate TC price in China slides further in late Oct. 20

Zhejiang Wynca's Q1-Q3 profits expected to increase 78.01%-81.13% YoY 20

Chile bans application of glyphosate formulations containing POEA 21

Jiangsu Yangnong expects to earn USD231 million in Q1-Q3 net profits 21

Nantong Jiangshan to build phosphorus chemical industry chain project with Wengfu Group 21

  • 3.8 million ha of winter wheat expected to be sown for 2023 in Ukraine 21

India saw decline in pesticide use during 2021/2022 21

Brazil's yields and exports of cotton in 2022/2023 projected to grow 22

Price Update 23

Ex-works prices of glyphosate TC in China, the first half of Oct., 2022 23

Ex-works prices of DEA in China, 25 Oct., 2022 34

Ex-works prices of PMIDA in China, 25 Oct., 2022 35

Ex-works prices of glycine in China, 25 Oct., 2022 35

Ex-works prices of IDAN in China, 25 Oct., 2022 36

Ex-works prices of phosphorus trichloride in China, 25 Oct., 2022 36

Ex-works prices of isopropylamine in China, 25 Oct., 2022 37

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