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Glyphosate China - Monthly Report

Published by CCM Data & Business Intelligence Product code 204037
Published 12 issues / year Content info
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Glyphosate China - Monthly Report
Published: 12 issues / year Content info:

This newsletter will help you stay ahead of the game in this fast-changing market with real-time reporting on the entire glyphosate industry chain, from raw materials to end consumption. It includes breaking news from China and abroad, the latest market data (price, import & export, production, consumption, operating rates, etc.), in-depth analysis of market trends, Chinese government policy, performance of leading Chinese producers, M&A, new technologies, and expert commentary from industry insiders.

Here is the Editor's Note for you to know about the October issue specifically:

  • In Oct., domestic glyphosate TC prices had been rising. In mid-Oct., the figure grew by 1% MoM, due to increasing prices of its raw materials. On 29 Sept., Sinochem International finally reached a Share Transfer Agreement subject to conditions with Fuhua Crop Protection. On 22 Sept., Zhejiang Wynca announced that it had signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement with Momentive in Jiande City, Zhejiang Province. Since 2018, Hubei Trisun has further diversified its glyphosate product portfolios and has expanded its business scope from singular glyphosate to multiple types of herbicides. In early Oct., Jingma Chemicals plans to build a 50,000 t/a glyphosate removal & technical improvement project and has published the draft for approval of relevant environmental impact assessment reports. Additionally, Jiangsu KingAgroot will operate its 13,000 t/a environmentally-friendly herbicide project within 2018.
  • The Punjab government of India has banned the sale of herbicide glyphosate in the state. Monsanto and Dewayne Johnson both submitted new proposals to the Court of California, the US.
  • The top 30 domestic pesticide exporters in 2017 were unveiled in the 18th National Pesticide Symposium (Yangnong Forum), including some major glyphosate producers (Yangnong Chemical, Leshan Fuhua, Zhejiang Wynca and Nantong Jiangshan), and most of them had achieved a 25%+ growth in their export values.
  • Glyphosate China News is a monthly published newsletter, which can be downloaded in PDF format. The subscription mode for this newsletter is yearly and the subscriber will receive 12 issues per year.
Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Editor's Note

Column 1: Company Dynamics

  • Hubei Trisun further diversifies glyphosate product portfolios
  • Xingfa Group successfully recycles 70%-proportion of chloromethane
  • Zhejiang Wynca joins hands with Momentive
  • Jiangsu KingAgroot to run glyphosate formulation production line within 2018
  • Leshan Fuhua operates glufosinate-ammonium production line

Column 2: Market Dynamics

  • China sees high-priced glyphosate TC in Oct.
  • Sinochem International transfers shares to Fuhua Crop Protection
  • Punjab government bans sale of herbicide glyphosate
  • Jingma Chemicals to build 50,000 t/a glyphosate project
  • Lanzhou New District building fine chemical industrial park
  • Anhui issues Three-Year Implementation Plan for Defending Blue Sky
  • China sees herbicide output dropped YoY between Jan. and Aug.
  • Green enterprises to have no need of production suspended
  • Shandong sees 94.80% qualification rate in pesticide random checks
  • Results of central environmental inspections in Jiangsu
  • New proposals to Monsanto Roundup weedkiller case
  • Domestic glyphosate producers ranked as 2017 top 30 pesticide exporters
  • 2 domestic glyphosate leaders authenticated by HSE

Column 3: Registration

  • Chongqing Shurong successfully registers for glyphosate-isopropylammonium 46% AS

Column 4: Export Analysis

  • China sees 32.71 % YoY growth in Aug. glyphosate export price

Column 5: Price Update

  • China's ex-works price of glyphosate TC in first half of Oct. 2018
  • China's ex-works price of DEA on 25 Oct., 2018
  • China's ex-works price of PMIDA on 25 Oct., 2018
  • China's ex-works price of glycine on 25 Oct., 2018
  • China's ex-works price of IDAN on 25 Oct., 2018
  • China's ex-works price of phosphorus trichloride on 25 Oct., 2018
  • China's ex-works price of isopropylamine on 25 Oct., 2018
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