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Fungicides China News 1803

Published by CCM Data & Business Intelligence Product code 204038
Published 12 issues / year Content info 31 Pages
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Fungicides China News 1803
Published: 12 issues / year Content info: 31 Pages

Welcome to the March Issue of Fungicides China News.

This newsletter will help you stay ahead of the game in this fast-changing market with real-time reporting on the entire fungicide industry chain, from raw materials to end consumption. It includes breaking news from China and abroad, the latest market data (price, import & export, production, consumption, operating rates, etc.), in-depth analysis of market trends, and expert commentary from industry insiders.

Here is the Editor's Note for you to know about the March issue specifically:

The domestic fungicide technical market was stable on the whole in March 2018. Producers were mainly busy with old orders; the demand from downstream enterprises was flat. Due to the stringent environmental policies, some technical and raw material producers saw relatively low operating rates or even suspended production. As a result, supplies tightened and prices remained high.

In terms of exports, fungicide formulations saw YoY increases both in export volume and export value, with a respective rate of 7.27% and 14.61%. Notably, the exports of retail packaging fungicides formulations grew faster than the non-retail packaging ones in 2017.

Fungicides China News is a monthly published newsletter, which can be downloaded in PDF format. The subscription mode for this newsletter is yearly and the subscriber will receive 12 issues per year.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents


Editor's Note

Column 1 Market Dynamics

Demand for fungicides predicted to slightly increase in Jiangsu in 2018

Fungicide TC price possibly to continue to rise

Column 2 Company Dynamics

Taizhou Bailly starts construction of boscalid TC project

Liaoning Henuo strives to be professional fungicides TC producer

Daoyuan Biotechnology to expand prothioconazole formulations application

Column 3 Import and Export

China's fungicides formulations exports increase YoY in 2017

Column 4 Registration

Two fluopicolide TC to be registered in China

Eleven fungicides technical registered in China in Feb. 2018

Column 5 Policy

Zhejiang Province increases efforts in pesticide administration

Rules and regulations and regulatory documents related to pesticides in China

Pesticide production safety supervision starts in Shandong Province

Dual prevention system assessment starts in Shandong Province

Column 6 Diseases

Wheat stripe rust occurrence in China as of late February

Major crop diseases predicted to moderately-heavily occur in China in 2018

Rape sclertiniose occurrence area decreases YoY

Wheat stripe rust occurrence decreases YoY in China as of mid-March

Column 7 Brief News

Qingdao Hailir to launch new fungicide in China

Chlorothalonil TC supply continues to tighten in China in March

Carbendazim TC prices decrease in China in March

Triazole fungicide supply loosens in China in March

Column 8 Price Update

Ex-works prices of main fungicides in China, 8 March, 2018

Shanghai Port prices of main fungicides in China, 8 March, 2018

FOB Shanghai prices of main fungicides in China, 8 March, 2018

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