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Bio-based Materials China News

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Bio-based Materials China News
Published: 12 issues / year Content info:

This publication has been discontinued on May 21, 2016.


Biomaterials, referring to products using renewable raw materials, have developed rapidly in China in recent years and are expected to have a promising market in the future, though this industry is emerging. Biomaterials are mainly divided into four types in the news: natural bio-based materials, microbial synthetic materials, chemical synthesis of bio-based materials and bio-nylon. Undoubtedly, the application of biomaterials is the trend in the future, thanks to environmental protection, excellent properties, etc. Biomaterials China News includes12 to 14 topics per monthly issue andwill bring you the latest information on the market and company dynamics, new biomaterials products, new biomaterials technology development, new legislations and policies and raw material supply dynamics that are shaping the market.

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Bio-based materials applied in new-type heat preservation field

Published on 29th December, 2014

Newly built PLA plants to be launched together in 2015

Published on 29th December, 2014

Hisun, SUPLA and NatrueWorks all planned to build new plants to largely expand the production capacity of PLA. CCM tried to explore the main reasons why PLA is widely considered promising in 2015 from the perspective of the international environmental protection status and the advantages of PLA.

Fluctuated RMB exchange rate impeding bio-based material industry

Published on 29th December, 2014

The exchange rate for RMB against USD maintains an appreciation trend in general, impeding the exports of China's bio-based materials to some degree. Furthermore, the RMB depreciation against VND brings the cost pressure to the imports of bio-based raw materials. The currency change as a whole impacts the overall development of bio-based materials.

High-Yield and Viscosity-Reduction Enzymatic Strain Technology patented

Published on 26th December, 2014

Technology for bio-based ethylene made from bio-based ethanol is developing

Published on 26th December, 2014

Alliance of bio-based material manufacturers and downstream processors favorable to development of bio-based materials

Published on 26th December, 2014

In Dec. 2014, the PLA Industrial Park was set up in Changchun Economic Development Zone, Jilin Province. The bio-based manufacturers located in the PLA Industrial Park attach more attention to the liberalization for their cooperative enterprises to process products. For this, CCM believes that the liberalization of bio-based material downstream processors and the alliance of bio-based material manufacturers and downstream processors will better promote bio-based materials, and contribute to the order establishment in the bio-based product industry.

Low profit from petro-based PE facilitate boom of bio-based PE

Published on 26th December, 2014

In Dec. 2014, the State Council published the 2015 Tariff Implementation Proposal, in which the import tariff of ethylene is reduced. However, despite the governmental support, CCM believes that the petro-based PE market will stay depressed, and that bio-based PE may face a development opportunity.

Bio-PDO to be major development direction for bio-based monomer in China

Published on 25th December, 2014

Currently, China's bio-PDO sector is showing weak signs of ever achieving commercial production. However, the Chinese government intends to lessen the dependence on petroleum resources to reduce carbon emissions because of the severe environmental problems that afflict China. This approach, along with the strong R&D of bio-PDO and the growing demand from downstream industries for bio-PTT fiber and bio-PU, the bio-PDO sector will be positioned as a major direction for the development of bio-based monomers in China.

Jilin Province: with favorable policies to take lead in development of bio-based material industry

Published on 23rd December, 2014

The NDRC frequently issues policies to strongly promote the implementation of policies for bio-based materials. Under this favorable circumstance, Jilin Province has been ahead of other regions in China in forming the favorable environment for the bio-based material industrial chain and will stay ahead, thanks to the promotion regarding raw materials, technology, enterprise clusters and local policies.

Trend of greatly increasing imports of cassava chips in China in 2014 expected to continue

Published on 23rd December, 2014

The subsidy policy for using grain crops as raw materials to produce chemical materials will be abolished gradually in China. Hence, people have a stronger sense to substitute grain crops with cassava chips to produce chemical materials. In 2014, the growth of imports of cassava chips in China is more significant than ever. With a strong demand for non-grain starch in China, the trend of importing a large number of cassava chips would not change in the short term.

Mazda to adopt bio-based materials in new-type auto

Published on 23rd December, 2014

Jinyimeng puts bio-based acetaldehyde project into operation

Published on 23rd December, 2014

Price upturn of potato starch not expected to appear in China in Dec. 2014

Published on 19th December, 2014

In 2014, the potato starch market in China maintains depression. Since Sept., it has been shown more distinctly especially in price. CCM believes that, due to the weak downstream demand and sufficient inventory, the price of potato starch will continue the downturn in late Dec.

Shandong's Weifang: bio-based materials industrial cluster approved for construction

Published on 18th December, 2014

China: largest PU consumption market in Asia

Published on 18th December, 2014

Kingfa: biodegradable film plays dominant role in bioplastics export growth

Published on 17th December, 2014

The exports of Kingfa's bioplastics remains rising. It is disclosed that a greater growth will be achieved in 2015. CCM believes that, with the rigid demand and maturing products produced by Kingfa, biodegradable film will be a key to support the upward exports of its bioplastics.

Global bioplastic industry in 2014 summarized by European Bioplastics

Published on 15th December, 2014

VTT developing PLA foam materials to substitute EPS

Published on 8th December, 2014

Price of corn starch to continue downturn despite latest temporary purchase and storage policy for corn

Published on 4th December, 2014

Emerging 3D printing to further development of bio-based materials

Published on 4th December, 2014

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