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Problem Statement

Major Problems Faced by Chemical Industry Participants

The chemical industry in India is strong, branching out in many directions, supported by an effective and growing research establishments. Along with number of positives, however, there are number of negatives.

Data credibility and exhaustiveness have been two of the major pain-points that we have heard unanimously from our clients with their service providers.

The Data is never enough to make meaningful insights about the entire eco-system of chemical industry. To fill the required data gaps; companies report to the costly option of subscribing to myriad number of web portals of purchase multiple subscriptions from different companies.

"Industry lacks a credible one-stop solution for insights related to India Chemical Industry."

"We understand the need of one exhaustive, detailed solution that can provide insights and analysis of the entire value chain and that too on a real-time basis. With ChemAnalyst, we have combined our decade long experience, knowledge, learning and understanding of our clients' pain-points and have produced one-size-fit-all solution which can also be customized to as per your needs."

What Consumers Want?

How ChemAnalyst will Cater to the Industry's Requirements?

ChemAnalyst is a subscription-based portal, providing in-depth research on product pricing and market insights for more than chemical and petrochemical products on daily; weekly; monthly; and annual frequency basis. It is a cost-effective, one-stop solution for all the market research requirements irrespective of which part of value chain you fall under. It has been built by a team of over 50 seasoned analysts and sculpted with exhaustive research considering over fifteen different parameters which provides -degree view of the market.

What differentiates us and why we consider ChemAnalyst as a revolutionary product in Chemical ecosystem ?

  • Real-time updates & Detailed Market Intelligence: It provides real-time insights on product pricing, price forecast, trends, news analysis, detailed intelligence on your competition along with business risk & market assessment reports.
  • Exhaustive Research on Fifteen different Parameters: It has been strengthened with analysis and insights on the entire value-chain of India chemical & petrochemical products and caters to all stakeholders - ranging from traders, analysts, risk managers, purchasing agents and other professionals.
  • Cost-effective & One-strop Solution: From our decade long experience in market research industry, we have built a product that is powerful enough to provide solutions to all your problems and that too at affordable price.

Why You Should Subscribe?


  • Problem Statement: To compete in a red ocean, suppliers must compare the prices across leading markets.
  • Solution: Chem Analyst market analysis and pricing coverage evaluates the total cost of investment in India and across the globe.

When to Purchase & How to Negotiate

  • Problem Statement: In highly competitive market, to know when to buy is a decision which is the biggest challenge. Prices often reflect delta changes from quarter to quarter and month to month, further complicating purchase decisions. To maintain or increase their own margins, sellers pass along price increases in excess of their cost escalations.
  • Solution: In order to assist the client in achieving significant cost savings, Chem Analyst can customize your buying strategies using our accurate and dependable market forecasts.

Price Benchmarking

  • Problem Statement: Negotiations can be unfruitful when both parties disagree over the prices. One-sided sources can offer a disadvantage while finalizing price contracts.
  • Solution: As a third-party source, Chem Analyst supports the Customer and Supplier relationship by providing transparent, accurate numbers and ensuring both the parties should use matching concepts in their internal projections.

Purchase Key Performance Indicators

  • Problem Statement: Many companies purchase materials based on their gut feeling and with no clear market price or in markets with less supplier options. Without transparent pricing, it is difficult to measure and improve purchasing performance indicators.
  • Solution: Chem Analyst provides less explored markets by measuring prices and escalation rates industry-wide, so one can clearly comparetheir spend to that of their competitors.

Budget Planning

  • Problem Statement: Gathering cost projections for various category spend requires up-to-date and detailed intelligence. Using historic escalationrate can prove to be big mistake in volatile markets, and broad measures such as the Consumer Price Index fail to capture the individual components that comprise category spend.
  • Solution: Chem Analyst offers comprehensive forecast coverage that assist in budget planning.


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