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GlobalComms Database Service

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Published 4 issues / year Content info
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GlobalComms Database Service
Published: 4 issues / year Content info:

GlobalComms is TeleGeography's constantly updated online database of wireline, wireless and broadband competition. No other telecommunications market research service rivals its geographic scope and depth of coverage.

Content Highlights

  • Wireless, broadband, and fixed-line market data for over 200 countries
  • Regional and global totals for wireless, broadband, and wireline subscribers
  • Operational metrics for 755 mobile service providers (updated quarterly), 521 broadband ISPs (updated quarterly), and 463 fixed-line operators (updated annually)
  • Detailed country profiles summarizing regulations, subscribers, market shares, and service providers
  • More than 1,600 company profiles of wireless, broadband, and fixed-line service providers, detailing company ownership, licenses, technologies, and operational and financial metrics
  • Interactive Country Statistics Map presenting wireless, broadband, and fixed-line market data for over 200 countries
  • Mergers and acquisitions timeline detailing deal values from 1997 to present

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Data Sets: Country Statistics

Wireless Market Data

  • 2G, 3G, and 4G wireless subscribers by quarter from 2003 to present
  • Wireless networks by generation, platform, evolution, frequency, launch date, and population coverage
  • Current and historical market shares
  • 3G and 4G licenses: type, price, and frequency

Broadband Data

  • Broadband subscribers by technology (DSL, cable, fiber/LAN and WiMAX), updated quarterly from 2004 to present
  • Broadband networks: platform, launch date, coverage
  • Current and historical market shares

Fixed-line Metrics

Fixed-line voice subscribers (PSTN/ISDN and VoIP), updated annually from 1999 to present.

Demographic Data

  • Population
  • Households
  • GDP and GDP per capita
  • Annual exchange rates

Regulatory Background

  • Wireless, broadband, and wireline regulators
  • Dates of local, long-distance, and international market liberalization
  • Local loop unbundling status
  • Reference unbundling offers (where available)

Data Sets: Company Statistics

Wireless Operator Metrics

Data for 755 service providers from 2003-present, updated quarterly. Data include:

  • 2G, 3G, and 4G subscribers and growth rates
  • Pre-paid/post-paid subscribers
  • Average revenue per user (ARPU), including pre-paid, post-paid, and data ARPU
  • Subscriber churn rates
  • Monthly minutes of use per subscriber
  • Market share

Broadband Service Provider Metrics

Data for 521 service providers from 2004 to present, updated quarterly. Data include:

  • Broadband subscribers by access technology (DSL, cable, Fiber/LAN, WiMAX)
  • IPTV subscribers
  • Market share
  • Subscriber growth
  • Broadband tariffs by provider for over 580 operators in more than 170 countries

Fixed-line Metrics

Data for 463 fixed-line voice operators, updated annually from 1999 to present. Data include:

  • Lines/subscribers in service
  • Business vs. residential lines
  • Fixed wireless subscribers

Financial Data

  • Annual financial metrics including revenue, operating income and expenses, net income, EBITDA and CAPEX
  • Quarterly financial data for more than 75 operator groups

Network Data: Wireless

1G-4G wireless networks, by country, operator, deployment date, operational status, platform, evolution, frequency, and launch date (1981-2014)

Network Data: Broadband

Broadband networks by country, operator, deployment date, technology, frequency, launch date, and operational status

Network Data: Fixed-line

Fixed network data by technology (PSTN, cable, wireless in the local loop) by country and operator

Country and Company Profiles

Country and company profiles provide detailed background on the telecom markets in over 200 countries, and an overview of the operations of more than 1,600 national telecom operators and more than 40 multi-national operator groups.

Country Profiles

Country profiles provide an overview of telecoms markets and regulations for over 200 countries (see the sample country profile above). Profiles include:

  • Regulatory background, including an overview of regulatory agencies, and key wireless, broadband, and fixed-line regulations
  • Wireless market profile, including market commentary, 2G, 3G, and 4G subscribers, market penetration, growth rates, market shares, networks, frequencies, 3G and 4G licenses, and concise descriptions of leading network operators
  • Broadband market profile, including market commentary, market shares, broadband networks deployed (DSL, cable, Fiber/LAN, WiMAX), subscription plans, and concise profiles of leading operators
  • Fixed-line market profile, including PSTN and VoIP subscribers, household penetration, and summary profiles of leading operators
  • Regional penetration, including average penetration in region and average penetration in GDP per cap decile (for wireless, broadband, and fixed-line)
  • Directory of regulators, wireless network operators, broadband players, and fixed-line telcos
  • Summary of recent telecom news from CommsUpdate

Company Profiles

Company profiles provide background information, operational and financial metrics, and news updates (see the sample company profile above). Profiles include:

  • Overview of company operations, ownership, subsidiaries, and financial metrics
  • Mobile operations: 2G, 3G, and 4G subscribers, market share, pre-paid vs. post-paid, voice and data ARPU, pre-paid and post-paid churn, and monthly minutes of use
  • Broadband operations: business and residential broadband subscribers, market share, broadband subscription plans and prices, and types of networks deployed (DSL, cable, WiMAX, Fiber/LAN)
  • Wireline operations: PSTN and VoIP subscribers, business versus residential subscribers
  • Summary of recent telecom news from CommsUpdate

Database Features

GlobalComms is a true database that allows users to search for key operator and country data by year and by quarter. All data can easily be exported into Excel for further analysis.



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