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CSP Today Global Tracker
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This publication has been discontinued on September 7, 2015.


Instant Online Access to Business Critical CSP Data and Analysis

  • Project Tracker: Up-to-the-minute pipeline visibility and plant data to streamline your business development and get ahead of the CSP curve
  • Markets and Policy Tracker: Demystifying CSP markets around the globe with information on the policies and trends that will make or break your strategy in both established and emerging markets for CSP
  • Quarterly insider analysis: In-depth digest of the key trends and industry developments that will ensure you're ahead of your competitors with the right business and development plan
  • Premium content: Access to unique evaluation of topical news with overarching analysis of the impact on your business, taken directly from our projects and markets tracker for your benefit
  • In-depth technical and market reports: Annual access to new and exclusive expert reports, each with 100+ pages of insightful data and analysis to ensure you get your CSP strategy straight


Now is the time to seize CSP market share

Global CSP markets are changing faster than ever... with technical track record established in Spain and the US and international markets quickly opening up to CSP, now is the time to scale up your CSP business ready for the surge in financing, bid-winning and project inception around the globe.

CSP's dispatchability, increased efficiency and track record in innovation has led to recent projections that by 2050, with appropriate support, CSP could provide 11.3% of global electricity, with 9.6% from solar power and 1.7% from backup fuels (fossil fuels or biomass). CSP project developers, EPCs and suppliers are fast realising they need to innovate, internationalise and prove CSP's commercial profitability more than ever; the race is on to get ahead of the competition in funding, project development, cost and plant performance. Having very latest developments and having the ability to react accordingly has never been so crucial.

Knowledge is power

You need digestible, consolidated and up-to-date information to be able to take advantage of these enormous opportunities - from in-depth technical data and plant information to market and policy figures. Until now, CSP companies had only piecemeal information on ‘where the industry's at'. Taken from news articles, press releases and events, information is at best incomplete, and at worst unreliable and out of date. Getting a comprehensive overview of the projects around the world, securing insider insight into the new markets that will be a perfect fit for your business and procuring truly digestible information on policies and incentives has been a pipe dream for developers, EPCs and suppliers alike.

Online access to a wealth of CSP experience

The CSP Today Global Tracker has been designed after the industry told us that they needed an ‘in-house consultant', who not only had direct access to the technical and market data that mattered, but who could analyse that data effectively, so that their companies could strategize at the speed that this market demands.

So we've created the opportunity for you to have access to both accurate data and expert analysis, but without the cost of an in-house consultant. The CSP Today Global Tracker is an online resource, which updates as soon as something changes, and provides in-depth evaluations of those changes, meaning that you can react to them effectively.

Made up of several tools including:

  • Project Tracker: Get comprehensive pipeline visibility to streamline your business development and get ahead of the CSP curve.
  • Markets & Policy Tracker: Complete information to help you demystify the policies and trends that will make or break your strategy in both established and emerging markets for CSP.
  • Premium content: Access to unique evaluation of topical news with overarching analysis of the impact on your business, taken directly from our projects and markets tracker for your benefit.
  • Quarterly Update: Your quarterly digest of data and analysis on the most recent developments in the CSP industry
  • Annual reports: Highly researched indepth analysis on the CSP markets and technology developments.

This online business tool is critical to your business to save the time, money and manpower that you can now reallocate to getting your plants online, your projects developed and your products sold. Subscribe today and get access to the wealth of knowledge that already exists in the CSP industry to seize more market share and guarantee project success.


To do business in the CSP market, you need to have technical information about regional or global plants at your fingertips: unlike other renewable energy online databases, the CSP Today Project Tracker is compiled by CSP experts specifically for you, the CSP industry.

CSP Today Project Tracker

Here's just a taster of the 100+ categories of information contained in this database for every plant in the world.

Each Plant Profile contains:

  • Technical information: including (but not limited to) technology, megawatt range, heat transfer fluid, operating pressure, storage temperature and coordinates (latitude/ longitude) and much more
  • Companies involved, including developer, EPC and utility offtaker, along with details on any PPA agreement
  • Incentives including: type, currency, quantity and date
  • Status details including: current status, notice to proceed and expected/actual commercial operation date
  • Financing and investment including: bank/institution, type and amount of financing and CAPEX
  • All suppliers to the plant, specified by technology, from due diligence contractors right through to turbine, steam generator and mirror suppliers

Furthermore, compiling and analyzing international information so that your business can identify the biggest opportunities to succeed in both new and existing markets is an ominous task, which is why the CSP Today Global Tracker offers a digestible guide to the CSP industry, meaning that at a glance you can see where you should be placing your time, money and manpower.

Project Tracker data verification method

We want to ensure that you can trust the Global Tracker plant and project data 100%. So, we have spent months verifying this data with the developers and EPCs who developed and built these projects. And we will continuously do so throughout your subscription so that when something changes - you know that you've got access to the most accurate information available.


CSP Today Markets and Policy Tracker

Here's a sample of the information this online tool provides for every country currently or soon to be active in CSP:

  • Installed and planned capacity: With constantly updated MW figures, you can see just how much CSP is already installed, in development or in planning
  • Policy Developments: Tracks policy developments so you don't miss out on crucial policy announcements
  • Energy Market Structure: Understand how the power is bought and sold in each market, who makes the bidding decisions and who sets the incentives.
  • EPC and Developers: Find out which EPC's and Developers are active in each market
  • Pipeline visibility: The Markets and Policy Tracker gives you complete information on total megawatts in planning, development, construction and operation for every CSP market around the globe
  • Incentive & Regulatory Update: Providing a comprehensive rundown of the incentives and legislation currently in place for CSP, as well as information on planned or anticipated changes that will impact your project


CSP Today Quarterly Update:

With so much data constantly being updated in the Global Tracker, it's critical to know how to make sense of it. That's why subscription includes access to our CSP Today Quarterly Update which takes data from the Project and Markets Trackers to identify the most important changes in the industry during the last 3 months, directly translating these changes from ‘news' into the impact on your business.

Separating fact from hype, the quarterly update will become your go-to place to get the real story behind the sometimes perplexing change that is taking place in this fledgling industry.


CSP Today Premium Content

In addition to access to the CSP Today ebrief (one of the industry's most wellrespected and referenced news providers), CSP Today Global Tracker subscribers will receive in-depth articles on the most topical developments of the day. From reactive analysis on the news that has dominated the headlines through to in-depth commentary on a particular technology or market, CSP Today Premium Content will provide the crucial insider information that will ensure you stay ahead of the competition.


CSP Today Annual Reports

Full access to the CSP Today Global Tracker means that you will have all of our 100+ page business intelligence reports sent directly to your inbox on the date of publication. Worth $2995 as individual reports, for our Global Tracker subscribers they will provide an unparalleled level of data and analysis from the last 12 months along with projections for the future.

Here's an overview of what these market-leading reports will be covering in 2013:

  • CSP Markets Report: With in-depth analysis on the countries that are about to see explosive CSP growth, a comprehensive rundown on the latest technology trends and insight into developers' strategies, this report will explore the facts behind the hype in the CSP market, with insight from industry experts and exclusive data from our extensive market survey.
  • CSP Parabolic Trough Cost and Performance Report: Containing up-to-date industryvalidated data as part of a comprehensive modelling process (300+ simulations), this report examines trough market prevalence as well providing a comprehensive breakdown of the cost parameters involved in parabolic trough technology, and analysis on technical trends and developments and cost forecasts to guarantee that you know where the industry is heading.
  • CSP Power Tower Cost and Performance Report: The growth of tower technology is clear, what is less clear however is the cost and performance credentials of this technology. Drawing upon the most up-to-date cost data validated by the leading tower developers, this report brings unprecedented transparency > to the cost and performance parameters of tower technology to form the most > comprehensive analysis of tower technology to date, including current and anticipated
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