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FirstWord Pharma PLUS

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FirstWord Pharma PLUS
Published: annual subscription Content info:

This personalised resource provides coverage from over 1,200 international news sources, 2,000 medical journals, 100 medical conferences, 120 regulatory bodies, 13,000 products, 3,500 companies, and 120 medical conditions as well as Physician Views poll data and 7 years' worth of searchable news archives.

Users can access FirstWord Pharma PLUS via:

  • Website
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  • Mobile /
  • iPad/Tablet
  • Smartphone
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“ A first class daily news resource which no pharmaceutical company should be without and which helps to build the competitive edge” - Major Pharmaceutical Company Executive.

With FirstWord Pharma PLUS, you have unlimited access to:

  • Over 500 pharma/biotech news stories and medical abstracts from peer-reviewed journals on a daily basis
  • Weekly Physician Views poll data and analysis
  • 13,000+ compounds
  • 3,500+ pharma companies
  • Developments across 120 medical conditions in 32 therapeutic areas
  • News in all major areas including corporate affairs, mergers & acquisitions, marketing & sales, regulatory affairs, licensing, clinical research/R&D, medical affairs, and others
  • Coverage of pharma stories from thousands of leading international news publications and abstracts from 2,000+ medical journals
  • Live attendance of 100+ international medical meetings with dispatches published within hours of the sessions ending
  • 120 +regulatory bodies in 15+ world markets including both developed and emerging markets (eg: US, EU, Japan, Brazil, India, and China)

FirstWord Pharma PLUS provides capabilities beyond that of FirstWord Pharma:

Personalise Your News Service

FirstWord Pharma PLUS' personalisation allows you to monitor and track up to 25 specific compounds/products, companies, medical conditions, and international medical meetings, as well as 15 markets and regulatory bodies, to provide you with the most relevant news and intelligence vital to your needs. Set up alerts from saved searches to be informed of changes as they happen. Alternatively, you can start with a pre-defined profile and personalise your news service at a later date.

Start personalising your news service through the “Customise” link found within the top right-hand corner of your daily newsletter or the FirstWord Pharma website.

Through your account profile, you can adjust settings to receive your customised daily newsletter at a time that suits you as well as manage your subscription to “Breaking News Alerts” and the “FirstWord Pharma Industry News edition”.

FirstWord Pharma PLUS Coverage

FirstWord monitors thousands of sources worldwide to provide you with relevant news and developments.

FirstWord Pharma's editorial team reviews all stories for accuracy, timeliness, and relevance before content is published. FirstWord standards and processes ensure the news selection and publishing is unbiased, providing you with a news service you can trust.

Search Guide

With over 1 million archived articles spanning seven years and counting, FirstWord Pharma PLUS provides enhanced search features to target the information you need surrounding products, companies, conditions, conferences, and regulatory markets.

FirstWord Pharma PLUS allows for in-depth filtering capabilities. After entering a search term, use the lter tool to narrow your results by date, company, market, agency, therapeutic category, business area, or meeting/conference. Select as many tags as you would like to further refine your search.

After filtering your search criteria, the tags will appear underneath the search box along with the number of articles displaying results.

FirstWord allows you to save your search and set up hourly, daily, or weekly alerts for notification on developments of importance to you.

Quick Reference Guide

Personalise your FirstWord Pharma PLUS newsletter through the “Customise” link in the top right corner of the FirstWord Pharma website and newsletter:

Add products, companies, conditions, and other tags you would like to monitor by clicking “Add” and typing the terms into the text box. Separate multiple entries by using a comma:

Adjust your setting within “My Account” to determine when you would like to receive your newsletter:

Save and Manage Your Saved Searches through the search page after entering a search term:

Customise your alert settings when saving a search or by clicking Manage Your Saved Searches:

Access your personal RSS feed through “Services”:

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