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FirstWord Pharma PLUS
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5 Reasons FirstWord Pharma PLUS is Your Leading Pharma News Service:

  • 1. Choose the news you want to see: Customizable content--monitor the products, companies, medical conditions, therapeutic areas, and regulatory agencies that are of importance to you and your company.
  • 2. Dig deeper with related analysis: Original insight, analysis, and views articles provide you with timely innovative thinking and credible intelligence on major news developments, issues, and events.
  • 3. Count on comprehensive coverage: 8,000 worldwide news sources, 2,400 medical journals, 130 medical conferences, 145 regulatory bodies. Track over 15,000 products, 5,000 companies, 130 medical conditions with over 10 years of searchable news archives.
  • 4. Our trusted editorial team: FirstWord Pharma's editorial team reviews all stories for accuracy, timeliness, and relevance before content is published. FirstWord standards and processes ensure the news selection and publishing is unbiased, providing you with a news service that you can trust.
  • 5. We'll see you there: Live attendance of 130+ international medical meetings with dispatches published within hours of the sessions ending plus presence at major industry conferences.

Insight, Analysis and Views:

Physician Views

  • Physician polls that deliver timely market feedback on developments such as the impact of product approvals and pending approvals.

KOL Views

  • Interviews with leading KOLs to get their authoritative and considered take on therapy developments in the news.


  • Analysis and views from industry experts driven by top news events in pharma.

Friday Five

  • Highlights the five key takeaways stories or events, from the past week.
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