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Sensor Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine

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Sensor Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine
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The Sensor Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine (TOE) captures global sensor-related innovations and developments on a weekly basis. Innovations are directed toward developing smart and intelligent sensors with functionalities beyond sensing. Research focus areas include: low power sensors (energy harvesting), industrial automation sensors (M2M, vision sensor), ubiquitous sensors (WSN, sensor fusion), smart sensors (wearables, quantified self), high sensitivity and smaller size (MEMS, nanosensors), and improved security (CBRNE, terahertz).

Some technologies covered include: wireless sensor networks, MEMS, nano sensors, sensor fusion, energy harvesting, touch, terahertz sensing, drones, fiber optics, self-driving cars, unmanned vehicles, spectroscopy, control and monitoring technologies, image, NDT, biometrics, RFID, RTLS, GNS, radar. This TOE covers four innovations, provides strategic insights and key patent information on a monthly basis.

This TOE highlights innovation features, value propositions, industry impact of 15 monthly innovations along a particular theme, and includes strategic insights on the technology from a global perspective. Strategic insights include insights on IP, competitive landscape, key research focus areas, key success factors for technology adoption, and noteworthy funding details.

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