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PUBLISHER: Global Market Insights Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1132154

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PUBLISHER: Global Market Insights Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1132154

HVAC and Construction Competitive & Market Intelligence Subscription

PUBLISHED: annual subscription

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Global Market Insights Inc. currently has a repository of more than 2,000 syndicated reports covering a diverse range of industries like Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Transportation, Bulk and Specialty Chemicals, Electronics and Media, Oil, Gas, and Energy, Food, Nutrition, and Animal Feed, Healthcare and Medical Devices, HVAC and Construction, Polymers and Advanced Materials, and Sustainable and Smart Technologies.


Utilize our GMIPulse platform to subscribe and get the finest strategic value that Global Market Insights Inc. has to offer. The subscription service from Global Market Insights Inc. is adaptable and can be customized as required. It includes:

  • Easy access to granular and authentic market data
  • Go-to solution for all market research needs
  • Comprehensive competitive landscape and a breakdown of company profiles
  • Ability to realize a proper understanding of industry ecosystems
  • Custom client profiles to understand the latest growth opportunities and needs
  • Technology tracking and its impact on industry trends

These reports also cover previously published reports and reports to be published during the subscription span. Additionally, GMIPulse also offers access to the latest report releases, upcoming GMI launches, and more as and when they are published.

Exceptional benefits of GMIPulse:

1. Instant report access

Subscription to GMIPulse would provide clients with direct access to comprehensive market reports in no time.

2. Tailor-made reports

Access to customized market reports consisting of trends, technological developments, and innovations by company leaders as per client needs.

3. Priority sales support

Access to best-in-class sales support and assistance in lesser time.

4. Market tracker

Get streamlined access to all the trends and happenings in the market for informed decision-making.

5. Enhanced analyst hours

Improved access to analysts for a variety of strategic assistance and explanations.

6. Pricing benefits

Tailor-made reports that fit clients' pockets and needs.

7. Secure login

Password-protected access to all reports, anytime for enhanced user experience and security.

HVAC and Construction :

The global HVAC and construction industries have come a long way since their inception. Currently, there is an increased demand for environmental-friendly HVAC units, which include the use of wind turbines and solar panels to diminish energy costs. Green building materials, smart construction, automation, and sustainable practices hold sway in the construction industry.

Global Market Insights tracks market developments, changes in industry dynamics, the geographical shift of the economy, and upcoming trends through the following industry segments:

  • Materials
  • Parts
  • Components
  • Tools
  • Systems
  • Technology
  • Rentals
  • Repair & Maintenance
  • Heavy Machinery
  • Improvement & Remodeling

Materials: In terms of materials used in the HVAC systems, the circular economy will continue to play a significant role in terms of utilizing existing systems after refurbishment returns them to optimal efficiency. This will reduce the usage of virgin metals in the industry and will enhance the usage of metals more sustainably. Also, the usage of copper and its alloys, such as brass and bronze, is projected to increase owing to their antimicrobial properties. For example, dark and moist environments breed bacteria & fungi within the HVAC units where materials such as steel or iron are used instead of copper. This not only causes foul odors but also reduces the efficiency of the HVAC systems. Copper & its alloys prevent microbial growth and are efficient metals when it comes to the thermal efficiency of an HVAC unit. Contractors are finding it increasingly difficult to complete construction projects on time and within budget due to shortages of key materials such as steel and their rising prices along with a further surge in energy costs (due to the Russia-Ukraine conflict).

Global Market Insights covers various aspects of the industry including copper and its alloys. GMI covers all the major industry players that are extensively investing in the development of these materials, recent innovations, and market trends.

Parts: Thermostats, heat generators, and heat exchangers are the key parts or components in an HVAC unit. Green initiatives or the usage of eco-friendly components are major concerns in the HVAC and construction industries; hence, the use of solar panels and wind turbines as primary energy sources is increasing. In addition, solar heat or wind energy is cost-effective compared to fossil fuels. However, this efficiency is more prominent in commercial HVAC units as they have better infrastructural advancements than household HVAC units when it comes to utilizing renewable energies. Also, it helps major enterprises to showcase their social responsibility stance on minimizing carbon footprints.

Global Market Insights tracks the recent innovations & advancements occurring across various parts of the HVAC market including thermostats and heat generators. GMI also covers an in-depth analysis of various manufacturers operating across the industry along with the government regulations and innovations happening across the industry.

Components: Better efficiency requirements and new customer demands are driving advancements in the HVAC components sector. Scroll compressors are rapidly replacing mechanical compressors as they improve compressor efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. HVAC control panels are evolving to touch-enabled functionalities, becoming a major industry trend. Another key advancement is the use of solar power, wind turbines, geothermal sources, and gas-to-run chillers. Air purification requirements are also increasing and are one of the major technological trends shaping the HVAC components sector.

Global Market Insights provides an in-depth analysis of the components market. GMI also covers an in-depth analysis of various manufacturers operating across the industry along with government regulations and innovations happening across the industry.

Tools: HVAC tools are also witnessing automation and advancements in data analysis. Smart thermostats are one of the key tools enabling HVAC devices to automatically adjust to environmental conditions and lower energy consumption, especially in the construction industry for new & advanced buildings. Connected device technology through smart sensors & Wi-Fi-enabled IoT devices is shaping the tools required in HVAC. Another key point is the movement of the gauges toward digital from analog and touch-based display panels for a better customer experience. The construction industry is driven by connected technologies, smart materials, IoT, and energy-efficient buildings.

Global Market Insights focuses on delivering an in-depth analysis of the market dynamics of different HVAC and construction tools at the country, regional, and global levels.

Systems: HVAC systems are driven by key trends such as green buildings, ductless HVAC, data analysis, and smart maintenance systems. HVAC companies are encouraged by their customers to come up with more efficient and smart systems in line with the green building concept in the construction industry, which enables residential & commercial users to achieve the desired heating and cooling needs as well as humidity control through the least possible energy consumption. Recent technological advancements to run the HVAC systems are reducing dependency on petroleum-based energy. Data analysis will aid in capturing, monitoring & evaluating the usage patterns and come up with a more advanced & relevant HVAC system for customer use. Smart diagnosis is also possible through in-built sensors and wireless technology, allowing for a better maintenance plan, quick issue resolution & appropriate inventory planning for system service.

Global Market Insights (GMI) focuses on the key innovations & strategies undertaken by the major players operating in the HVAC systems market.

Technology: Technology is a major contributor to the development of the HVAC industry. HVAC technology initially focused on enhanced efficiency and mechanical advancements. The current focus is on comfort, energy-efficiency, and sustainability. This is important considering the increase in the demand for efficient heating & cooling systems and the impacts it has on the climate. Super-efficient, fully-automated, and sustainable HVAC systems are the future of the construction sector. Construction technology has also evolved to incorporate various technologies and software enhancements that aid smart construction designing, select the right materials, define the mechanics of the structures, and provide ways to save energy in the construction & operational phases.

Global Market Insights has conducted numerous studies concerning the technological advancements occurring in the HVAC & construction industries.

Rentals: HVAC rentals prevent the costs associated with future maintenance, repairs, or replacements. Rental companies provide free or discounted labor and repair costs. In addition, many companies also provide round-the-clock emergency service repairs. Surging residential & commercial construction activities, the increasing construction of data centers, and seasonal variations in temperatures are the factors that will propel the HVAC rental market, especially in the food and beverage industry. Construction equipment rentals are a large part of any project's cost-saving strategy as they reduce the burden on the project timelines, budget, and labor. Equipment rentals are governed by long & short-term contracts, depending on the user and can range widely in cost depending on the type of project work undertaken. Rental programs also reduce the burden on construction companies by negating the service & maintenance costs that arise from owning the equipment.

Global Market Insights studies the key competitors operating across the HVAC rental equipment industry and provides detailed company profiles focusing on the product assortment, strategic initiatives & SWOT analysis of the players in the industry.

Repair & Maintenance: HVAC maintenance keeps equipment running efficiently & smoothly and helps workers spot potential issues. Homeowners are gradually looking for HVAC companies that provide sustainable building projects. In addition, home improvement and regular maintenance maximize a system's lifespan, increase safety, and have fewer repair bills. Preventive maintenance can avoid up to 95% of breakdowns. According to a Harvard study, spending on renovation and construction projects grew by 6% in 2022 and 51% of U.S. homeowners hired licensed tradespeople for home improvement projects in 2022. The repair and maintenance of HVAC machinery on a construction site is essential as it contributes to the total construction project costs. The failure in repairing and maintaining machinery may lead to missing the key due dates, in turn, leading to lower profits in construction projects.

Global Market Insights tracks the recent advancements occurring in the repair & maintenance market. GMI also covers an in-depth analysis of various manufacturers operating across the industry along with the government regulations and innovations happening across the industry.

Heavy Machinery: HVAC machinery covers a vast portfolio of products such as boilers, air conditioners, heat pumps, radiant systems, humidifiers, and others. Most modern buildings employ this machinery for different purposes. The industry players of HVAC machinery adopt the latest trends & technologies to keep pace with the ever-changing landscape. They incorporate connectivity with data to enhance the control of such machinery. Several eco-friendly HVAC systems are gaining demand due to rising environmental concerns. The implication of software automation to improve functions is yet another development for enhancing the product quality and usage. Also, the incorporation of smart HVAC technologies for automation, together with making this machinery ductless will amplify the demand. Manufacturers are becoming tech-savvy and are using technologies to reduce their carbon footprint to stay ahead of the competition. HVAC machinery controls the air temperature along with the intake of outside air and filtering the contaminated air, thus offering comfort to occupants in commercial & residential buildings.

Various air conditioning components are available to fit several machinery and equipment applications. The "universal" air conditioning components that some huge machines employ are easily accessible. HVAC systems meet the rigorous airflow, heat load, vibration, and filtration demands that construction machines face every day. HVAC is used in heavy mobile equipment such as hydraulic excavators, crawler tractors & loaders, earthmoving machinery, dumper trucks, and wheel loaders.

Global Market Insights tracks the recent innovations & advancements occurring across various parts of the heavy machinery market including heat pumps, radiant systems, and humidifiers. GMI also covers an in-depth analysis of various manufacturers operating across the industry along with the government regulations and innovations happening across the industry.

Improvement & Remodeling: A surge in new home construction and renovation projects has increased the demand for home services including HVAC services. In the industry, energy efficiency is the major focus of the next level of innovation. Ventilating, cooling, and heating together account for approximately 50% to 75% of the building's energy use. Decarbonization and electrification have taken the lead. With energy costs rising and energy efficiency being a major concern, HVAC systems are being retrofitted to reduce energy use in commercial & residential buildings. The improvement & remodeling of HVAC machinery in construction sites has become an essential task as it solves chronic issues such as high energy consumption, offers a new life to the machinery, enhances performance consistency, and facilitates easier adoption of the latest technologies.

In addition, increasing spending on architecturally designed and innovative buildings is anticipated to surge the demand for decorative concrete, curtains with blinds, and tiles in the construction industry due to their ability to enhance the aesthetics of the surroundings. Moreover, the rising number of remolding and renovation projects across the globe is projected to further enhance market growth over the coming years.

Global Market Insights provides an in-depth analysis of the home improvement and remodeling market. GMI also covers an in-depth analysis of various manufacturers operating across the industry along with the government regulations and innovations happening across the industry.

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