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PUBLISHER: Global Market Insights Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1132155

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PUBLISHER: Global Market Insights Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1132155

Aerospace & Defense Competitive & Market Intelligence Subscription

PUBLISHED: annual subscription

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Global Market Insights Inc. currently has a repository of more than 2,000 syndicated reports covering a diverse range of industries like Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Transportation, Bulk and Specialty Chemicals, Electronics and Media, Oil, Gas, and Energy, Food, Nutrition, and Animal Feed, Healthcare and Medical Devices, HVAC and Construction, Polymers and Advanced Materials, and Sustainable and Smart Technologies.


Utilize our GMIPulse platform to subscribe and get the finest strategic value that Global Market Insights Inc. has to offer. The subscription service from Global Market Insights Inc. is adaptable and can be customized as required. It includes:

  • Easy access to granular and authentic market data
  • Go-to solution for all market research needs
  • Comprehensive competitive landscape and a breakdown of company profiles
  • Ability to realize a proper understanding of industry ecosystems
  • Custom client profiles to understand the latest growth opportunities and needs
  • Technology tracking and its impact on industry trends

These reports also cover previously published reports and reports to be published during the subscription span. Additionally, GMIPulse also offers access to the latest report releases, upcoming GMI launches, and more as and when they are published.

Exceptional benefits of GMIPulse:

1. Instant report access

Subscription to GMIPulse would provide clients with direct access to comprehensive market reports in no time.

2. Tailor-made reports

Access to customized market reports consisting of trends, technological developments, and innovations by company leaders as per client needs.

3. Priority sales support

Access to best-in-class sales support and assistance in lesser time.

4. Market tracker

Get streamlined access to all the trends and happenings in the market for informed decision-making.

5. Enhanced analyst hours

Improved access to analysts for a variety of strategic assistance and explanations.

6. Pricing benefits

Tailor-made reports that fit clients' pockets and needs.

7. Secure login

Password-protected access to all reports, anytime for enhanced user experience and security.

Aerospace & Defense:

The global aerospace & defense industry including materials, parts, components, equipment, systems & services has been witnessing radical changes with large-scale investments in the latest technologies for sustainability, advanced air mobility, automation, and circular economy to reduce the carbon footprint.

Global Market Insights tracks market developments, changes in the industry dynamics, a geographical shift in the economy, and upcoming trends through the following industry segments:


  • Metal & Alloys
  • Polymers & Plastics
  • Ceramics
  • Composites
  • Textiles

Parts & components

  • Structures
  • Engines
  • Communication system
  • Military vehicle parts
  • Weapon components

Aftermarket, maintenance, repair, and operations


The growing need for decarbonization, a circular economy, waste material recycling, sustainability, and bio-based materials play crucial in the overall functionality of the material industry in the aerospace & defense sector. The industry has been typically driven by the adoption of various initiatives aiming to alleviate the impacts of the sector on climate change. Therefore, numerous aerospace & defense organizations are anticipated to focus on functional and technological improvements to confront the sustainability challenge. This is likely to be accomplished by the means of advanced technologies, usage of sustainable materials, and green energy utilization.

Global Market Insights (GMI) focuses on the key innovations & strategies undertaken by the major players operating in the aerospace & defense materials market. The company also offers insights into the current trends and drivers associated with the market dynamics, further providing an in-depth study across the following material industry.

Metal & Alloys: Aluminum has been predominantly used in the aerospace industry for decades. However, as the industry strives for stronger and lighter components, it is progressively replacing aluminum with other high-performing alloys. Although traditional aluminum is still an integral part of manufacturing, materials such as titanium alloys, aluminum-lithium (Al-Li), and titanium aluminide (TiAl) are gaining popularity in the industry for their ability to withstand high temperatures and other harsh conditions. The adoption of new materials in the aerospace & defense industry has been stimulated by some of the megatrends that include low carbon emissions, weight reduction, circular economy, and new machining abilities. In addition, companies are aligning their manufacturing practices with these emerging trends and offering novel materials to improve efficiency and performance.

Global Market Insights (GMI) focuses on the key innovations & strategies undertaken by major players operating in the metal & alloys market space. The company also offers insights into the current trends and drivers associated with the metal & alloys market dynamics.

Polymers & Plastics: The use of polymers in the aerospace & defense industry has witnessed a significant surge in the past two decades. The introduction of new generation aircraft models has expanded the usage of polymers from non-critical & semi-structural applications to the design of critical structural parts. The rising emphasis on fuel efficiency and carbon footprint has further fueled the usage of lightweight polymers in aircraft constructions. The aerospace industry is witnessing a crucial transition in the use of polymers & plastics in structural applications and major manufacturers across the world are engaged in expansionary activities to cater to the growing demand. On the one hand, favorable characteristics of thermoplastics are likely to create a positive outlook for the aircraft interior market; resins such as epoxies and benzoxazine are expected to experience strong demand for aircraft structural applications on the other hand. GMI offers an intensive study at sub-segment levels, providing insights into the technology, applications, grades, and production technologies associated with the polymers & plastics industry.

Ceramics: Within the defense industry, hardness, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, and insulation properties make ceramics the ideal armor material. In tank armor applications, alloy steel is among the most commonly used materials, and aluminum alloy is used in case of the light armored vehicles. Although steel and aluminum are widely used in the industry, titanium alloys are experiencing increasing penetration as armor materials owing to their attractive characteristics, such as high resilience, corrosion resistance, and high strength-to-weight ratio. In addition, ceramic armors are gaining more traction from aircraft & helicopter manufacturers as traditional armors due to their heavy weight often lead to accelerated wear of mechanical parts and low maneuverability & vehicle speed.

Composites: The lightweight properties of the composite materials render them preferable for aircraft engineers in order to manufacture lightweight aircrafts that are fuel-efficient and ensure the safety of passengers. The application of composites in the industry has witnessed a double increase in consumption since 1987, which is likely to further expand considering the growing concern over industry footprints. Additionally, composites can withstand heavy fatigue and resistance; thereby experiencing an increasing use in modern aircraft, such as A350-1000 plane.

Aerospace electronics: Aerospace electronics refers to components that are essential for communication, surveillance, flight control, navigation, propulsion, collision avoidance, weather monitoring, in-flight entertainment, health monitoring, and emergency system. Aerospace electronics consists of PCBs with aluminum & copper materials and high-temperature laminates that enables the components to survive in an extreme environmental situation. The devices are used in helicopters, military, business jet & general, space, and commercial aviation. Increase in air traffic across the globe will propel the demand for advanced aerospace electronics. Operators require high-end electronic components to systematically communicate critical data to aircrafts for safe journey.

Growing investment from manufacturers in R&D activities for introducing next-generation electronics will propel the industry growth in future. Companies are expanding their portfolio to gain a competitive positioning in the market and meet the developing customer requirements. Additionally, increasing investment from government and private organizations in space aviation will spur the industry growth. Pilots require high-end aircraft health monitoring systems for understanding different parameters of the spacecraft in case of any malfunctions or damage. Also, rising focus on modernizing the existing aircraft fleet and systems for adhering to the government regulations, will create growth opportunities for next generation aerospace electronics.

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