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PUBLISHER: Global Market Insights Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1132160

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PUBLISHER: Global Market Insights Inc. | PRODUCT CODE: 1132160

Energy, Mining, Oil and Gas Competitive & Market Intelligence Subscription

PUBLISHED: annual subscription

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Global Market Insights Inc. currently has a repository of more than 2,000 syndicated reports covering a diverse range of industries like Aerospace and Defense, Automotive and Transportation, Bulk and Specialty Chemicals, Electronics and Media, Oil, Gas, and Energy, Food, Nutrition, and Animal Feed, Healthcare and Medical Devices, HVAC and Construction, Polymers and Advanced Materials, and Sustainable and Smart Technologies.


Utilize our GMIPulse platform to subscribe and get the finest strategic value that Global Market Insights Inc. has to offer. The subscription service from Global Market Insights Inc. is adaptable and can be customized as required. It includes:

  • Easy access to granular and authentic market data
  • Go-to solution for all market research needs
  • Comprehensive competitive landscape and a breakdown of company profiles
  • Ability to realize a proper understanding of industry ecosystems
  • Custom client profiles to understand the latest growth opportunities and needs
  • Technology tracking and its impact on industry trends

These reports also cover previously published reports and reports to be published during the subscription span. Additionally, GMIPulse also offers access to the latest report releases, upcoming GMI launches, and more as and when they are published.

Exceptional benefits of GMIPulse:

1. Instant report access

Subscription to GMIPulse would provide clients with direct access to comprehensive market reports in no time.

2. Tailor-made reports

Access to customized market reports consisting of trends, technological developments, and innovations by company leaders as per client needs.

3. Priority sales support

Access to best-in-class sales support and assistance in lesser time.

4. Market tracker

Get streamlined access to all the trends and happenings in the market for informed decision-making.

5. Enhanced analyst hours

Improved access to analysts for a variety of strategic assistance and explanations.

6. Pricing benefits

Tailor-made reports that fit clients' pockets and needs.

7. Secure login

Password-protected access to all reports, anytime for enhanced user experience and security.

Energy, Mining, Oil and Gas:

The global energy industry including electrical equipment, heating & cooling systems, and the oil & gas industry has been witnessing significant changes as industry players are investing across various sustainable technologies to reduce emissions.

Global Market Insights focuses on the technological developments taking place in the energy and oil & gas industries. It also tracks the changes & developments in dynamics in the energy and oil & gas industries and covers market information regarding the following segments:

  • Electrical equipment
  • Heat pumps
  • Heating & cooling
  • Water heaters
  • Boilers
  • Energy storage
  • Renewables
  • Oil & gas

Electrical Equipment: The electrical equipment industry around the globe is undergoing major technological advancements on account of the rising energy efficiency requirements from the transmission & distribution network, which can be attributed to aging infrastructure and the integration of decentralized power generation systems to the grid. The industry has been significantly driven by some major equipment including switchgears, transformers, circuit breakers, substations, cables, and smart meters.

Global Market Insights (GMI) focuses on the key innovations & strategies undertaken by the major players operating in the electrical equipment market. The company also offers insights into the current trends and drivers associated with the electrical equipment market dynamics, further providing an in-depth study across the following equipment industry.

  • Switchgear: The growing demand for uninterrupted power supply and a reliable distribution network have been the major drivers augmenting the switchgear industry expansion. The ongoing digitalization & integration of smart technologies across the T&D infrastructure is anticipated to propel the adoption of the technology across all regions. Innovative breakthroughs in technology to improve the control & monitoring features along with enhancing the cost effectiveness of the equipment will further boost market growth. Global Market Insights studies the key competitors operating across the electrical equipment industry and provides a detailed company profile focusing on the product assortment, strategic initiatives, and SWOT analysis of the players in the switchgear industry.
  • Transformers: The rising need for grid modernization programs & initiatives has positively influenced the demand for transformer units. The ongoing refurbishment of the existing grid network is another key driver aiding in the technology adoption growth. Global Market Insights tracks the aftermarket strategies and market dynamics for the various technology. The firm also offers a competitive benchmarking along with a complete assessment of the industry.
  • Substations: The deployment of renewable power generation technology owing to the rising energy demand & stringent emission norms is a major factor responsible for the adoption of advanced substation technology. GMI offers an intensive study at sub segment levels, providing insights into the technology, applications, voltage levels, components, and connectivity methods associated with the substation industry.

Heating & cooling: The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has been primarily significant across the commercial and industrial sectors as government authorities imposed stringent lockdown measures to curb the impacts of the outbreak. The ongoing adoption of sustainable heating & cooling systems along with technological advancements including connected systems, smart HVAC systems, and software automation will boost industry growth. Increasing investments and public-private participation toward infrastructural development have created a positive business scenario around the globe. Rising concerns on account of increasing surface temperatures and focused regulatory policies toward energy efficiency have enhanced the adoption of sustainable technologies including district heating & cooling, district heating pipeline network, and solar DH market. Manufacturers have been strengthening their presence through inorganic growth ventures and extensive research & development activities.

Water heater: The water heater industry is experiencing a shift owing to the mounting demand for smart & energy-efficient heating systems, growing dispensable incomes, increasing industrialization & urbanization, and the shifting consumer focus toward the replacement of conventional heating equipment. The growing consumer spending on energy-efficient water heating appliances along with the introduction of IoT-enabled, smartphone-compatible, smart-alert, and cloud-based compatibility features in water heaters is positively impacting adoption among end users. The ongoing expansion of high-rise buildings along with the development of smart city projects is expanding the demand for new & customized water heating appliances with enhanced safety features across multi apartments and commercial buildings. Global market Insights provides an in-depth analysis of the various products available across the industry including gas water heaters, instant water heaters, storage water heaters, and electric water heaters. Recent technological innovations along with the integration of water heaters with smart homes have enabled the overall industry to reach a wider spectrum of consumers.

Renewables: The renewables industry is influenced by supportive policies focused on combating climate changes, rapid technological improvements, and the declining cost of renewable sources. Growing private & public investments to support the integration of solar & wind energy with the grid, upcoming pilot projects backed by federal support, and the evolving solar industry will drive the industry trends. Transmission infrastructure development and the evolving supply chain ecosystem across the renewable industry will contribute to sustainable market growth. Increasing support for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations and the commercialization of next-generation clean energy sources across all industries will drive the demand for renewables in the future. Global Market Insights covers a wide spectrum of renewable energy products including solar PV, onshore wind, offshore wind, hydrogen, and hydropower market studies along with technological advancements and government regulations across the industry.

Boiler: The ongoing replacement of conventional units with energy-efficient systems and the increasing government focus to limit carbon emissions have led to significant developments across the boiler industry. The technology is experiencing fundamental changes owing to the rising need for decarbonization and the paradigm shift toward reducing dependency on fossil fuels. The surging consumer inclination toward the deployment of clean and reliable water & steam generating units will continue to drive business growth. Global Market Insights covers various aspects of the industry including combi boilers, steam, electric, and gas-fired boilers, and waste heat boilers. We cover all the major industry players that are extensively investing in the development of these systems as well as in recent innovations and market trends.

Heat pump: The growing demand for low carbon heating & cooling alternatives with high energy efficiency ratings has driven consumer preference toward advanced alternatives. The favorable regulatory framework that supports the deployment of clean energy technologies will play a pivotal role in shaping the heat pump deployment potential. This framework includes tax benefits, financial supports & grants, low interest loans, and subsidies. <>Global Market Insights focuses on delivering an in-depth analysis of the market dynamics across different heat pump systems at the country, regional, and global levels. GMI also tracks the latest technological advancements and strategic initiatives to deliver competitive benchmarking for the heat pump industry. We emphasize analyzing different verticals across the heat pump industry including air source heat pumps, ground source or geothermal heat pumps, water source heat pumps, and heat pump water heaters.

Energy storage: There has been a wide adoption of energy storage technologies across the residential, commercial, and utility sectors. A paradigm shift toward the decarbonization of power grids and a climate-friendly economy will lead to substantial business growth. The integration of solar power plants with battery storage is enabling significant advancements associated with energy storage products. Manufacturers are focusing on product enhancements to provide energy & cost-effective systems, which will bolster product penetration. Energy storage systems play a crucial role toward the integration of renewable energy sources into the electricity grid at minimal costs. Surplus power can be stored & utilized at the time of peak demand for grid stability. Global Market Insights tracks the recent innovations & advancements occurring across various technologies in the energy storage market including lithium-ion, lead acid, and sodium sulfur. We also cover an in-depth analysis of various manufacturers operating across the industry along with the government regulations and innovations happening across the industry.

Oil & gas: The oil & gas industry is in the middle of a transformational change as the industry has witnessed significant price volatility and robust drop in crude oil demand due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The subsequent waves of COVID-19 also led to a further downfall in overall investments across the sector in 2021. The industry is regaining its strength from 2022, with an upsurge in investments toward the development of pipeline infrastructure and storage projects. Robust investments toward the development of greenfield crude oil, natural gas fields, and government initiatives to develop cost-effective product transportation infrastructure, primarily across the developing nations, will enhance the business outlook. Global Market Insights has conducted numerous studies with respect to the overall oil & gas industry. Some of the key projects include oil & gas electrification, digital oilfield, oil & gas analytics, well intervention, artificial lift systems, oil & gas infrastructure, and oil storage. We also cover various technological advancements, inorganic growth ventures, and the new product launches happening in the industry.

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