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Mobile Location-Based Services 2012-2015: From Standalone Apps to Integrated Features

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Mobile Location-Based Services 2012-2015: From Standalone Apps to Integrated Features
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This publication has been discontinued on October 22, 2013.



The major mobile industry players - Apple, Google, Microsoft, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, RIM, Nokia, Palm, Motorola & others - are actively developing new location technologies that will revolutionize smartphone usage, including standard features such as mobile navigation, search and social networking.

In its latest technology trend report, Mobile Location-based Services 2012-2015, Grizzly Analytics reviews the R&D trends among the major companies, as well as note-worthy start-ups, analyzes the implications of these technologies and forecasts whose products are most likely to make it to market and where the biggest opportunities are.

Grizzly Analytics' in-depth analysis provides equipment manufacturers, tech companies, investors and enterprises critical industry intelligence.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Summary of Companies and Research Areas

Grizzly Analytics Speculations for the Mobile Industry

Technology Opportunities Identified by Grizzly Analytics

Broader Commercial Implications & Opportunities

Table of Contents

Mobile Location Services Today: Stand-Alone Innovations

  • Today's Navigation & Mapping
  • More Powerful Mobile Navigation & Mapping
  • Today's Friend-Finding Systems and Services
  • Today's Local Search and "Deals"
  • Today's Location-Based Advertising
  • Today's Location Sharing
  • Location-Based News
  • Summary of Today's Stand-Alone Location Services

Local Business Search

  • Google Patent on Local Search
  • The Local Search Challenge: Gathering Useful Local Data
  • Methods of Gathering Detailed Local Data
  • The Future of Local Search: Power and Usability

Integrating Location Deeply into Other Services & Functions

  • Adding Location to Other Services
  • Stronger Location Integration

Integrating Location into Core Cellphone Functions

  • Integrating Location into Phone Calendar
  • Nokia Research on Location-Based Contacts
  • Meeting-Spot-Related Communication & Contact Lists
  • Location-Based Word Completion
  • Location-Based Emergency Phone Calls
  • Integrating Location into Phone Contact Actions
  • Conclusions for Location Integration in Phone Functions

Integrated Navigation and Mapping

  • Social Route Planning
  • Social Networking: Sharing Routes and Locations
  • Promoting Businesses Along a Navigation Route
  • Navigating to Gas Stations When Car Fuel Level is Low
  • Navigation with Local Media
  • Navigation Using Phone Camera
  • Summary of Integrated Navigation

Location-Based Tasks and Reminders

  • Not Only Identifying Locations, but Reasoning about them
  • WHERE.COM's Broad Granted Patent on Location Alerting
  • Palm (HP) Research on Location-Based Notifications
  • Combining GPS and Cell Data for Efficient Location Alerts
  • Location-Based Reminders Calculating Travel Time
  • Managing Sets of Location Triggers
  • Early Patent Granted for Location Alarm Device
  • Another patent granted early
  • Server-Based Location Alerts
  • Other Relevant Patent Applications
  • Location-Based Triggers in Symbian Roadmap
  • Nokia Situations - Trial Implementation
  • 3rd-Party Applications for Location-Based Notifications
  • WakeUp (Symbian)
  • Location Alarm Plus (Java)
  • Location Alarm (Android)
  • Tasker (Android)
  • newGEO Alert (iPhone)
  • LocationNotes (iPhone)
  • Wake Me Up (iPhone)
  • Open Issues for Location-Based Alerts
  • Related University Research
  • Grizzly Predictions for Location-Based Alerts
  • Broader Implications of Location-Based Alerts

Location-Based Media

  • Sony Ericsson Research in Location-Based Media
  • Other Industry Research in Location-Based Media
  • Experimental Apps in Location-Based Media
  • Nokia Research in Location-Based Media
  • Mitsubishi Research in Location-Based Media
  • Matsushita Electric Research on Location-Based Media
  • Google Location-Based Media
  • Microsoft R&D Related Potentially to Location-Based Media
  • 3rd-Party Mobile Apps for Location-Based Media
  • Start-up Companies in Location-Based Media
  • Other Research in Location-Based Media
  • Do Users Want Location-Based Media?
  • Location-Based Media Conclusions
  • Broader Implications of Location-Based Media

Location-Based Phone Personalization

  • Research on Location-Based Preferences
  • Nokia Situations - Trial Implementation
  • Tasker (Android)
  • Other Location-Based Phone Personalization Apps
  • Start-up Company R&D in Location-Based Personalization
  • Google and Apple: Settings Based on Motion Sensing
  • Summary of Location-Based Phone Personalization

User location logging: Building Lists of Wi-Fi & Cell Locations

  • User Location Logging in Practice Today
  • Accusations of Violating Privacy by Logging Locations
  • Company Statements about Use of Location Logs
  • Data Maintained by iOS
  • Data Maintained by Android
  • Confirmation of Android Feeding Google's Wi-Fi Database
  • Apple Research on Location Logging
  • Other Research in Location Logging for Database Building
  • Summary & Predictions
  • Broader Implications of Location Logging for Location Lists

User location tracking: Learning user profiles

  • Beyond Positioning: Other Ways Location Logs Can Be Used
  • Google Analyzing User Locations
  • Indications of Google Technology for User Data Analysis
  • Other Research in Using Location Logs for User Profiling
  • Nokia NokoScope Project
  • Nokia Research Prior to NokoScope
  • Speculation of Technologies in NokoScope/EveryBit
  • Status of Nokia's NokoScope Ongoing Research
  • Other Research on User Profiling from Location Logs
  • Speculation of R&D by Apple
  • User Interest in Location Log Analysis for Personalization
  • Grizzly Predictions for Location Logging & Analysis
  • Broader Implications for Location Logging & Analysis

Generating Traffic Reports from Cellphone Locations

  • Waze: Start-up in Crowd-Generated Traffic Reports
  • Nokia's Research in Generating Traffic Reports
  • Google's Research in Generating Traffic Reports
  • Other Research in Generating Traffic Warnings
  • Analyzing GPS Data to Find Non-Dynamic Traffic Patterns
  • Summary & Predictions for Deriving Data from Locations

Required Innovation: Indoor Location Positioning

  • Nokia Research Video of Indoor Positioning
  • Nokia Research: Details from a Research Presentation
  • Nokia's Patents on Indoor Positioning
  • Nokia's Ongoing Research
  • Navteq Indoor Mapping
  • Samsung Research in Indoor Positioning
  • RIM Research in Indoor Positioning
  • Research in Indoor Positioning by Radio Reception
  • Early Research on Bluetooth-Based Indoor Positioning
  • Other Patent Applications on Indoor Positioning
  • Tracking Location by Sensors Detecting Movements
  • Start-up Companies in Indoor Positioning
  • Summary and Predictions for Indoor Positioning
  • Broader Implications for Indoor Positioning
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