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Location-Based Reminders: Initial Implementations & Future Advances

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Location-Based Reminders: Initial Implementations & Future Advances
Published: annual subscription Content info: 54 Pages

This publication has been discontinued on October 22, 2013.



In June, 2011, Apple announced that Location-Based Reminders would be a new feature of iOS5 on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. Location-based reminders have been implemented previously by mobile apps, but until now were never released by a major industry company. Grizzly Analytics sees the Apple announcement as a tipping point that is likely to propel location-based reminders into the mass-market.

Location-based reminders have the power to revolutionize how users manage and remember tasks. Advances in location-based reminders, currently in research, can transform how users manage their schedules and how they find stores & businesses that they need.

In this report, Grizzly Analytics reviews research underway at major mobile industry companies that addresses shortcomings in early implementations, surveys mobile apps already available, and identifies information being gathered in the local search and e-commerce markets that will facilitate more powerful location-based reminders.

Grizzly Analytics' in-depth analysis provides equipment manufacturers, software companies, investors and enterprises critical industry intelligence.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

Grizzly Analytics Predictions for Location-Based Reminders

Technology Opportunities Identified by Grizzly Analytics

Broader Implications of Location-Based Alerts

Table of Contents

Apple's WWDC Announcement of Location-Based Reminders

  • Apple's WWDC '11 iOS Announcement
  • iOS5's New Reminders System
  • Location-Based Features in iOS Reminders

Open Challenges in Location-Based Reminders

  • What Can't be Done with Basic Location-Based Reminders
  • Missing Capabilities of Location-Based Reminders
  • Other Technological Challenges
  • Information Challenges

Ongoing Research in Location-Based Reminders

  • Location-Based Alerts
  • Not Only Identifying Locations, but Reasoning about them
  • WHERE.COM's Broad Granted Patent on Location Alerting
  • Palm (HP) Research on Location-Based Notifications
  • Combining GPS & Cell Data for Efficient Location-Based Alerts
  • Previous Palm/HP Research in Location-Based Reminders
  • Integrating Location into Calendar Items & Reminders
  • Location-Based Reminders Calculating Travel Time
  • Nokia Research on Managing Sets of Location Triggers
  • Promoting Businesses Along a Navigation Route
  • Navigating to Gas Stations When Car's Fuel Level is Low
  • Early Research by Phillips: Location Alarm Device
  • Early Research by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
  • BellSouth: Server-Based Location Alerts
  • Other Relevant Patent Applications
  • Location-Based Triggers in Symbian Roadmap
  • Related University Research

Other Implementations of Location-Based Reminders

  • Nokia Situations - Trial Implementation
  • 3rd-Party Applications for Location-Based Notifications
  • WakeUp (Symbian)
  • Location Alarm Plus (Java)
  • Location Alarm (Android)
  • Tasker (Android)
  • newGEO Alert (iPhone)
  • LocationNotes (iPhone)
  • Wake Me Up (iPhone)
  • Remember the Milk

Local Search Information for Location-Based Reminders

  • Existing Local Business and Point-of-Interest Search
  • New Mega-Trend in Local Search: Product Information
  • LOCAL.COM Acquires Krillion
  • Ebay: From Online Products to Local Products
  • Google Place Pages
  • Six Other Local Product Search Companies
  • Bing and Yahoo! Local Search
  • Summary of Local Search Info for Location-Based Reminders
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