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Automation Total Access

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Automation Total Access
Published: annual subscription Content info:

Heavy Reading's Automation Total Access service includes all research reports from Heavy Reading's research portfolio that address the hottest topic in the telecom sector today: the migration to fully autonomous network processes. The focus is on development and deployment of emerging technologies and services that will have a profound impact on how CSPs deliver services and how those services will be consumed.

Clients who subscribe to Heavy Reading's Automation Total Access receive all reports relevant to this sector as well as Heavy Reading's IoT Focus Group Research, Automation Focus Group Research and Emerging Services & Technologies Focus Group Research.

Key topics for Automation Total Access include these core areas:

  • IoT development and deployment by CSPs
  • MANO and network automation
  • Blockchain
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • The role of open source in process automation
  • A roadmap for the “self-driving network”
  • AI and machine learning

Deliverables for the Automation Total Access service include the following:

  • All published reports on automation topics from Heavy Reading
  • All Focus Group Research from Heavy Reading's IoT, Automation and Emerging Services & Technologies Focus Groups
  • 10 analyst access hours to be used for exclusive phone briefings and conference calls with Heavy Reading's top analysts, on topics determined by the client
  • On-demand access to previously published Heavy Reading reports on automation
  • Discounts on all Heavy Reading products and services, including custom research projects, thought-leadership programs, and admission to Light Reading events
  • Advance notice of all Heavy Reading research initiatives - and direct input into shaping our research agenda

Items included in this package:

  • Emerging Technologies Focus Group: Operators - Prove Machine Learning's Applicability
  • Move Over, Alexa, Cable's Jumping Into the Internet of Things
  • IoT Focus Group: Service Providers Assured About IoT Security
  • Artificial Intelligence in Mobile Networks
  • Charting the Path to Network Automation & Disaggregation: Carrier SDN Survey Analysis
  • Automation Focus Group: CSPs Start Automating Sans Overall Master Plan
  • IoT & Mobile Operators: 10 Capabilities for Success
  • I Cable Robot: Can Artificial Intelligence Make Cable Smarter?
  • C-V2X: Coming on Fast in the Inside Lane
  • Telecom Automation: Heavy Reading Perspectives
  • Emerging Technology Focus Group: CSPs See Big Promise in Machine Learning
  • Intent-Based Networking: Automating Next-Generation Networks
  • MANO & the Future of CSP Automation
  • CORD & the Future of CSP Automation
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