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COVID-19 Clinical Lab Tracker

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COVID-19 Clinical Lab Tracker
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This clinical diagnostics COVID-19 lab impacts tracker is produced through a continuous survey of clinical lab professionals at hundreds of locations around the United States. From April through June, the data was refreshed every two weeks. Looking ahead, data will be refreshed monthly through July to December.

Topics Covered:

  • Overall Impact
  • Test/Procedure Volume
  • Ramp-Up Expectations
  • Areas Most Affected
  • Overall Worry
  • Economic-Driven Changes in Lab
  • 2020 Budget Perspective
  • Impact on Volume of Tests
  • Demographics
Table of Contents
Product Code: 20-058a

Table of Contents

Lab Operations

  • Overall impact on lab
  • Impact on non-COVID-19 testing
  • Anticipated Length of Time Until Return to Normal Testing Volumes
  • Lab Activities Most Affected by the Pandemic Reactions to the Economic Slowdown
  • Degree of Worry About An Economic Slowdown
  • Organizational Changes in Response to Economic Slowdown
  • Budget Perspective Laboratory Spending Priorities
  • Diagnostic Tests Regularly Performed
  • Changes in Testing Volume Experienced
    • Chemistry (BMPs, electrolytes, etc.)
    • Standard Immunoassays
    • Typing ABO
    • Procalcitonin (PCT)
    • Sexually Transmitted Diseases
    • Hospital-based Infections (C.Diff, MRSA, etc.)
    • ID/AST
    • HbA1c
    • Hematology (WBC/RBC, HCT etc.)
    • Vitamin D
    • Cardiac troponin
    • Histology testing
    • Cancer testing (tumor-marker testing)
    • PCR-based Molecular assays (non-COVID)
    • PCR-based Molecular assays (COVID)
    • non-PCR Molecular assays (Mass Spec, NGS)
    • Blood gas
    • Urinalysis
    • IT Systems (LIMS, IA, etc.)
  • Anticipated Changes in Future Lab Spending By Test


  • Employment Sector
  • Purchasing Authority
  • Organization Size
  • Age
  • Years of Lab Work Experience

Looking Ahead

  • Department personnel changes due to COVID

Data Filters / Segmentation

  • Facility Type (Hospital, Non-Hospital)
  • Respondent Age Group
  • Respondent Purchasing Role
  • Facility Size
  • Data Date Range
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