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Wireless Watch

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Wireless Watch
Published: 48 issues / year Content info:

This publication has been discontinued on May 15, 2018.



About Wireless Watch

Wireless Watch is a set of weekly research notes from one of the leading wireless analysts in the world, our head of research Caroline Gabriel. It assesses the impact of events which have happened through the week, in the world of wireless and mobile technology. New technologies, such as LTE, small cells, and the mobile internet have been rolling out during the past few years, in a manner which will change wireless usage forever. The coming generations of wireless and broadband wireless will challenge accepted practices in cellular and broadband services, introducing new players, with new approaches, new charging models and new applications and service delivery mechanisms.

Wireless Watch has long been considered the world's leader in 4G coverage. The Maravedis-Rethink wireless expertise is led by Caroline Gabriel, a well-known speaker and analyst for the 4G community who has authored a number of groundbreaking reports in this area.

This innovative introduction of OFDM broadband and pure IP delivery options for wireless has led to an explosion in new suppliers, but these are already in a state of consolidation and the OFDM world is opening up to the major cellular players and being incorporated as the foundation technology for LTE.

Wireless Watch focuses on choices that wireless operators will make and have made to survive the coming five or six years and conducts a blow by blow account of developments each week.

Wireless Watch is a paid subscription service delivered by email in protected pdf files, and subscribers also benefit from access to our archives, as well as receiving discounts on other purchase - such as special reports.

About Maravedis

One company. One Focus.

  • Your partner for in-depth, focused and impartial 4G Cloud research.

4G Cloud market intelligence and advisory services

Maravedis is a premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services focusing on mobile cloud and 4G and broadband wireless technologies (including LTE, WiMAX, femtocells, core and backhaul networking, chipsets, radios and related devices) as well as industry regulations and market trends.

Over the past decade Maravedis has provided clients worldwide with strategic insight to help them achieve key business objectives. We take pride in helping business executives and the investment community make fact-based decisions on technology purchases and business strategy. Our senior technology and market analysts provide global, regional and local expertise on technology, regulation and industry opportunities worldwide.

Clients can access Maravedis' technology and market intelligence through:

  • Individual research reports
  • Subscription-based research services
  • Analysts support and briefings
  • Custom consulting engagements

Exposing the reality behind the 4G and mobile cloud hype.

Maravedis has proven to be the source for authentic, accurate and timely 4G market analysis. Working directly with equipment vendors, service providers, regulators and the investment community, our specialized analysts scrutinize all areas of the 4G cloud ecosystem while consistently investigating and auditing important industry developments. Our unbiased research offers customers qualified advice and analysis based on a balanced approach of hard data collection and critical understanding of the fundamental trends.

More than just numbers!

From 3G to 4G and emerging technologies, Maravedis offers more than just numbers. Our experienced and specialized analysts are located around the world. They work closely with key stakeholders to investigate and dissect the 4G cloud industry, producing quality reports, offering expert consulting and advisory services, as well as the most up-to-date and detailed technology, equipment and spectrum tracking tools and services available today.

Our Services

Maravedis helps you move forward with strategic decisions that have a direct impact on your company's revenue. Our extended offering includes syndicated research, consulting and comprehensive services (4GCounts, ClearSpectrum).

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