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Global Steelmaking Production, Capacity and Capex: A Five Year Strategic Outlook

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Global Steelmaking Production, Capacity and Capex: A Five Year Strategic Outlook
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This publication has been discontinued on May 15, 2018.


Updated every quarter, receive the most comprehensive plant-by-plant database of steelmaking capacities by product, and production, out to 2020

  • Detailed global steelmaking capacity by product out to 2020 by country differentiated by active, installed, idle, obsolete, under construction etc.
  • New planned and under construction capacities by product out to 2020
  • Crude steel production forecasts out to 2020 by country (split by EAF and BOF)
  • Current capacity utilisation rates , and forecast out to 2020 by country
  • Over 2,100 companies reviewed
  • In over 120 countries
  • Over 113,000 rows of plant data in MS Excel

The Global Steelmaking Production, Capacity and Capex: A Five Year Strategic Outlook looks to answer the following questions:

  • What exactly is the state of excess over-capacity in the steel industry and how will this evolve out to 2020?
  • What is current steelmaking capacity by product now and out to 2020 on a plant-by-plant basis?
  • What are MBR's forecasts for crude steel production out to 2020 by each country?
  • Which steel plants are idled, active, new and under construction, delayed and on hold, on schedule to be completed and when, delayed, unlikely to be built etc.?
  • What is Chinese capacity by plant and what are key additions/deletions occurring inside the country?
  • How will this shape global steel prices out to 2020?
  • What are the investor, location, capacity, $(m) cost and start-up details of each plant operation globally?
  • What are plant-by-plant utilisation levels for key steel companies?
  • Who is cutting steel product capacity and who is expanding capacity, and where?

Production capacity and capital expenditure data is provided on a product-by-product basis including:

  • Iron Ore
  • Coking Coal
  • Coke
  • Iron Ore
  • Pig Iron (BF)
  • Crude Steel (split by BOF, EAF, OHF/Other)
  • Semi-Finished Steel (split by Slab, Billet, Bloom)
  • Wire Rod
  • Merchant Bar
  • Rebar
  • Heavy Sections
  • Seamless
  • HR Plate
  • HR Coil
  • CR Coil
  • Tinmill
  • HDG
  • Colour Coated
  • ERW
  • HSAW
  • LSAW

Each plant record for each product is clearly categorised as active, delayed, installed, idled, on hold, under construction etc. with key supplementary notes and analysis on each operation provided fully updated every 3 months

Capital expenditure by location includes:

  • Company
  • Location
  • Operation
  • Expected Start-up Date
  • Capex ($m)
  • Supplier details

The data provided allows you to:

  • Track changes in capacity among your competitors and uncover new market opportunities;
  • Benefit from all data being updated quarterly by our consultant team
  • Identify geographically, undersupply or overproduction trends on a product-by-product basis;
  • Form a solid foundation for steelmaking equity analysis;
  • Track company and product specific operations;
  • Analyse long term industry trends critical to steel price trend analysis and forecasting;
  • Access to Metal Bulletin Research's expert team of industry analysts to answer any queries and offer additional after sales support;
  • Access unrivalled and accurate insights into key developments affecting the steel making and mining industry beyond existing data from other market intelligence companies and steel associations, including the World Steel Association (WSA)

What's included in a subscription?

  • Statistical information for product capacity and production by producer/miner and by site provided in an Excel spreadsheet every quarter
  • Statistical information for product capital expenditure by investor, location, capacity, cost and start-up
  • Consultant support for your specific project needs
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