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Neural Grid

Published by Guidehouse Insights (formerly Navigant Research) Product code 933311
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Neural Grid
Published: annual subscription Content info:

The ‘Neural Grid service ’ provides subscribers with actionable insights covering the digital and sustainable transformation of resilient power and utility grid infrastructure. Subscribers gain access to a diverse library of specialized reports analyzing the application of emerging technologies, new product- and service-enabled growth strategies, business model innovation, and insights into the competitive grid modernization landscape.

Offering a holistic view into the intersection of automation, connectivity, edge computing and distributed intelligence, advanced grid monitoring and control, high and low voltage infrastructure, drones, unmanned systems, and augmented reality, the service provides strategic insights focused on key questions technology and service providers must address to become market leaders in this rapidly evolving ecosystem.


  • Smart Grid Technologies
  • Grid Automation and Intelligence Innovations
  • Drones and Unmanned Aerial Systems for Energy Applications
  • Sensors and Advanced Grid Monitoring Systems
  • Reliability and Grid Optimization
  • Grid Hardening, Resiliency, and Disaster Recovery


  • At least 12 research reports published per year
  • Back catalog of published Neural Grid research reports
  • Unlimited analyst inquiry access for special requests related to published reports
  • Input into prioritization and scheduling of research projects
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