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Demand Side Management

Published by Guidehouse Insights (formerly Navigant Research) Product code 302343
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Demand Side Management
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This publication has been discontinued on April 25, 2020.


The Demand-Side Management Research Service provides an in-depth examination of current demand-side management market dynamics, including demand response (DR) and energy efficiency (EE), along with analysis of emerging market opportunities, on a global and regional basis. The service includes worldwide forecasts of market size and growth prospects for curtailment services, systems integration and consulting, and outsourcing services for commercial, industrial, and residential markets. Detailed assessments and profiles are also included for major demand-side management technology vendors and service providers.

Topics Covered

  • Commercial and Industrial Demand Response
  • Residential Demand Response
  • Automated Demand Response Technologies
  • Behavioral and Analytical Demand-Side Management
  • Integrated Demand-Side Management Solutions
  • Curtailment Services
  • Utility Demand-Side Management Strategies

Service Components

  • Approximately 6 Demand-Side Management research reports published per year
  • Back catalog of all published Demand-Side Management research reports
  • Unlimited Analyst Inquiry access for special requests on Demand-Side Management topics
  • Input into Navigant Research's prioritization and scheduling of research projects
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