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PUBLISHER: Tarifica | PRODUCT CODE: 912860

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PUBLISHER: Tarifica | PRODUCT CODE: 912860

Broadband and Fixed Line Services Benchmark

PUBLISHED: annual subscription
Four Quarterly Reports with accompanying Datasets
USD 14500

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Tarifica, headquartered in New York, is the leading provider of global telecom plan and pricing data. Our custom software and state of the art data extraction techniques enable our clients to make smart decisions in real time based on insightful, actionable data.

Tarifica's Benchmark Solutions leverage our industry leading data analysis capabilities to produce a rich blend of insights on market trends, competitive pricing and consumer information.

Who Our Benchmark Solutions Help

The Tarifica Methodology

Tarifica Benchmark Solutions Help Our Clients....

  • Track: market trends
  • Ensure: a level playing field
  • Optimize: pricing and promotions
  • Understand: competitive performance
  • Stay Ahead: of the competition

Broadband and Fixed Line Services Benchmark(Produced Quarterly)

Analyzes the relative pricing of fixed line telecom services in a diverse set of fifteen countries across the globe utilizing both OECD methodology and the rational consumer model.

Each deliverable presents and analyzes the cost of broadband, calling, double-play, triple-play and quad-play services from every major fixed line operator, cable/satellite provider and other fixed line participants in 15 countries.

This benchmark answers the following questions....

  • How do countries rank in terms of costs for fixed line telecom services?
  • How much does bundling impact the expected cost of plans?
  • Which operators have yet to deploy highspeed broadband plans?
  • What is the pace of adoption for quad-play offers?

This sample chart illustrates the cost of triple play plans across 15 countries adjusted for PPP.

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