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Flexible AC Transmission Systems - Project Specific Market Analysis

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Flexible AC Transmission Systems - Project Specific Market Analysis
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Reliability and supply security is a major concern for utilities these days. With the increasing penetration of renewables, stricter grid codes are being implemented by utilities every day. Increased generation capacity under revised grid codes demand more flexibility and dynamic reactive power support for the grid. Over the years, static devices like Capacitor Banks, synchronous condensers and filters have been installed by system operators to provide voltage stability and reactive power support. However, with the advancements in power electronics, fast dynamic support devices like FACTS are becoming popular with time.

What is covered?

Project Specific Coverage:

  • More than 3,000 projects including upcoming projects not awarded yet.
  • Detailed information including supplier and technical details:
  • Project Details
  • 1. Project Name
  • 2. Project Owner
  • 3. Region
  • 4. Country
  • Commissioning Details
  • 5. Commissioning Date
  • 6. Award Date
  • 7. ITT Date
  • 8. Supplier (installed projects only)
  • Technical Details
  • 9. Technology (SVC, STATCOM, TCSC)
  • 10. Inductive Rating
  • 11. Capacitive Rating
  • 12. Voltage Rating

Regions Available:

Installed and upcoming projects for countries in:

  • EMEA
  • Americas
  • APAC
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