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UK Payments

Published: 2 issues / year | RFI Group | 62 Pages


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UK Payments
Published: 2 issues / year
RFI Group
Content info: 62 Pages
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The RFi Group UK Payments june 2020 Report, is the latest report based on RFi Group's UK Payments Council (UKPIC). The UKPIC is one of RFi Group's many ongoing syndicated studies focused on delivering actionable insights to financial services sectors across the globe. This report in particular, covers the key findings from an twice a year survey of 2000 plus consumers. Respondents are a nationally representative sample of the banking population. It includes insights on a diverse range of payments related topics such as the battle for front of wallet - credit vs debit, mobile payments, online payment behaviours, Buy Now Pay Later. The report also includes a thought-leading section focusing on understanding the impact of COVID-19 on consumer sentiment and payments behaviour. Some key questions answered in this section include:

  • How are payment trends changing?
  • Has COVID-19 accelerated the demise of cash?
  • What will the long-lasting impacts of COVID-19 on payments behaviour?