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UK Digital Banking

Published: 4 issues / year | RFI Group | 91 Pages


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UK Digital Banking
Published: 4 issues / year
RFI Group
Content info: 91 Pages
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The RFi Group UK Digital Banking Report, is the latest report based on RFi Group's UK Digital Banking Council (UKDBC). The UKDBC is one of RFi Group's many ongoing syndicated studies focused on delivering actionable insights to financial services sectors across the globe. It includes insights on a diverse range of digital banking related topics such as internet and mobile banking, product research and application, data sharing and integration, payments, technology and social media, business sentiment. The report also includes a thought-leading section focusing on understanding the evolution of digital for business banking. Some key questions answered in this section include:

  • Has COVID-19 had a tangible impact on the use of digital channels?
  • How does this differ across different banking activities?
  • What are the current levels of comfort with chat bot use?