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Africa Mining Report - Namibia

Published by Roskill Information Services Product code 352726
Published 6 issues / year Content info 64 Pages, 10 Chapters, 34 Tables, 19 Figures
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Africa Mining Report - Namibia
Published: 6 issues / year Content info: 64 Pages, 10 Chapters, 34 Tables, 19 Figures

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  • Six monthly update of the main drivers within the report
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Following the country's independence in 1990, the Namibian mining industry thrived. Operations were established to extract a broad range of natural resources including diamonds, uranium, gold, zinc, lead, manganese, iron ore and copper. Namibia's plentiful resources, established transport infrastructure and relatively stable political and regulatory environment continues to make the country an attractive destination for mining investment.

However, the country's mining industry faces major headwinds over the coming decades. A lack of investment in energy infrastructure has left Namibia reliant on imports from its neighbours to meet over half of its energy requirements. Another issue is that sparse and inconsistent rainfall poses a major challenge to the availability of water for both domestic and industrial consumers and places a heavy burden on already stretched groundwater resources.

A changing regulatory climate may also hamper future growth in the sector. Namibia has classified diamonds, uranium, copper, gold, zinc and coal as strategic minerals, forcing all future mining to be conducted in partnership with the state-owned Epangelo. At a time when commodity prices continue to slide, this move may drive potential investors towards less regulated opportunities elsewhere on the continent.

Despite these challenges, the mining sector in Namibia continues to develop. There is an extensive array of green- and brownfield exploration, a broad pipeline of mining projects, and several new operations coming online, such as B2Gold's Otjikoto mine and Swakop's Husab uranium mine.

Roskill's new African Mining Report on Namibia provides a detailed, up-to-date, overview of the mining industry in the country.

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