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Opto/LED Fab Forecast

Published by SEMI Product code 254753
Published 4 issues / year Content info
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Opto/LED Fab Forecast
Published: 4 issues / year Content info:

This publication has been discontinued on March 2, 2019.



The Opto/LED Fab Forecast report provides high-level summaries, charts, and graphs; in-depth analyses of capital expenditure and capacity down to the detail of each fab; and forecast over six quarters. The Opto/LED Fab Forecast is an essential business tool for anyone interested in understanding the key players involved in this growing and expanding market segment.

This database also includes information by facilities including fab location, theoretical capacity, wafer size, and more. The listing also provides an overview of equipment spending by region.


These tools are invaluable for understanding the trends of the fabs, and learning more about capex for construction projects, fab equipping, and products.

With the Opto/LED Fab Forecast report, you can conduct more efficient market research, identify target customers, and analyze quarterly fab capacity trends more easily.


The Opto/LED Fab Forecast database is compiled from publicly available information, including capital spending plans and announced fab plans. SEMI verifies this information by making numerous inquiries and periodic calls as well as visits to these facilities. The information is being analyzed and modeled on a project by project and fab by fab basis.

Table of Contents
Product Code: 1918

Table of Contents(Tabs of Spreadsheet)

  • Graphs and tables (Trend charts and tables by region)
  • Summary of changes
  • Company detail
  • Fabs starting construction
  • Fabs starting operation
  • Spending by region (for construction and equipping)
  • Capacity by country/region
  • Capacity by company
  • Definitions

Fields in Company Detail Tab:

  • Company
  • Ownership
  • Joint Venture Partners
  • City, State/Province, Country
  • Region
  • Origin
  • Main Phone/Fax
  • Website
  • Fab Name
  • Fab Type
  • Probability
  • Status
  • Project Type (current project status)
  • Start Year
  • Close Year
  • Clsoe Date
  • Product Types
  • Products
  • Technology
  • Current Geometry
  • Current Wafer Size
  • Theoretical Full Capacity
  • Clean class (if available)
  • Cleanroom square feet (if available)
  • Facility Size (if available)
  • Architect (if available)
  • Construction Manager (if available)
  • Begin Work, Construction start
  • Begin install equipment, first silicon
  • Total (Cost (M$)
  • Construction Cost (M$)
  • Equipment Cost (M$)
  • Project comments
  • Fab comments
  • Fab history information
  • Installed capacity (quarterly)
  • Wafer size (quarterly)
  • Geometry (quarterly)
  • Construction spending (quarterly)
  • Equipment spending (quarterly)
  • Change date
  • Type of change
  • Change comment
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