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Annual Information Service

World Fab Watch

Published by SEMI Product code 64792
Published 4 issues / year Content info
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World Fab Watch
Published: 4 issues / year Content info:


The SEMI World Fab Watch report is a powerful and comprehensive database of 1000-plus fabs, R&D, and pilot-line fab locations worldwide. It provides and excellent snapshot of the last quarter of all worldwide front-end semiconductor fabs. The database includes front-end fabs and foundries such as TSMC, UMC, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, SMIC, Samsung, Intel, Toshiba, Micron, SK Hynix, Powerchip, Texas Instruments, Renesas, STMicro, Fujitsu, Sharp, NXP, Infineon, and many more. This Excel-formatted database in conveniently delivered electronically.

Product Information:


  • Quarterly updates (annual subscription only)
  • Searchable by fab, device manufacturer, region, wafer size
  • Fab-specific details include fab type, start year, equipment spending, capacity ramp, close year, fab comment and change made


  • Access to the leading industry benchmark for fab data
  • Latest market and technology trends and analysis
  • Rich and timely content with verified and validated data for investment and business planning
Table of Contents

Table of Contents(Tabs of Spreadsheet)

  • Introduction
  • Summary of Records
  • Summary of Current Fabs
  • Summary of Future Fabs
  • Summary of Changes
  • Company Detail/Database
  • New Records
  • Summary of New Fab Costs
  • New Fab Cost Graph
  • Future Fabs
  • Summary of Future Fabs
  • 300mm Fabs, Summary and Graphs
  • Sub 0.20 micron Future Fabs
  • Summary of 0.20 micron Capacity
  • Future Foundry
  • Summary of Future Foundry Capacity
  • Foundry Graphical Analysis
  • Definitions

Fields in Company Detail Tab:

  • Company
  • Ownership-Short Name
  • Address/Phone/Fax/City/ State
  • Prefecture/Province/Country/Region
  • Origin
  • Fab Name
  • Clean Room Class/Clean Room Sq. Feet
  • Year
  • Product/Class
  • Products
  • Technology
  • Geometry,
  • Comments
  • Fab History
  • Total Cost
  • Joint Venture Partner
  • Equipment Cost
  • Construction Cost
  • Architect and Engineering
  • Construction Management
  • Date of Last Update
  • Change Made
  • New Record
  • Probability Number
  • Status
  • Wafer Size
  • Capacity/Month
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