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China Coal Weekly

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Published 52 issues / year Content info 16 Pages
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China Coal Weekly
Published: 52 issues / year Content info: 16 Pages


China Coal Weekly is a weekly newsletter covering the latest coal sector hot news, latest highlights in related industries, market comments, analysis and forecast for thermal coal, coking coal and coke.

Besides the news stories, the newsletter also maintains updates on the CCI Thermal and Metallurgical Coal indices, prices at main production areas and transfer ports, statistical data on coal and related industries (production, stocks, import & export, etc.). All these data are included in the Weekly Supplement (24 Excel sheets in total).

Key Features

  • Leading coal industry story of the week
  • A weekly review and analysis for thermal coal, coking coal and coke market
  • Market comments on major market issues
  • Coal, coke, steel and electricity market news
  • China coal supply and demand balance
  • Supplemented with a weekly updated Excel spreadsheet with key statistics


  • CCI price indexes and price assessment that help producers, traders, and buyers support the sales and purchasing decisions and negotiations.
  • Brings you independent news reporting and analysis on the coal industry to help you stay at the top of the game
  • Gain reliable insights from leading coal industry experts
  • Easy-to-use excel format statistics that facilitates market analysis
Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Leading story

Weekly market analysis & forecast

  • Thermal coal
  • Coking coal
  • Met. coke

Market comment

Coal & coke news

Power & steel news

Excel format statistics

  • China Coal Index
  • Thermal Coal Prices at Ports and Main Production Areas
  • Coking Coal Prices at Main Coal Ports and Production Areas
  • PCI Coal Prices at Main Production Areas
  • Coke Prices in China
  • China Coastal Coal Freight
  • Stockpiles at Ports and Key End Users
  • China Coal Import by coal type, by origin and destinations
  • China Coal Production
  • China Thermal ,Coking Coal and Coke Supply and Demand
  • Output of Pig Iron, Crude Steel, Cement and Coke
  • China Power Generation & Consumption
  • Water Levels of Major Chinese Hydroelectric Dams
  • Coal Shipment at Qinhuangdao
  • Thermal Coal Stock and Consumption of Six Key Power Companies
  • Exchange Rate of RMB to US Dollar (updated)
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