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The Smartech Personal 3D Printing Advisory Service

Published by SmarTech Analysis Product code 325565
Published 12 issues / year Content info
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The Smartech Personal 3D Printing Advisory Service
Published: 12 issues / year Content info:
SmarTech believes that P3DP is now in the same phase of evolution that the personal computer business was in the early 1980s when huge fortunes were won and lost.

SmarTech's industry analysis suggests that the market for personal 3D printers (P3DP) will explode in the next decade. We think, that by 2020 P3DP hardware, software and materials will generate over $2.5 billion in revenue, with millions of printers sold worldwide.

Some of the firms currently tapping into this P3DP opportunity are exciting new start-ups. Others are household retail names such as Home Depot, Amazon, Sainsbury's and Best Buy. And as the 3DP industry grows, we expect to see major investment in this sector from a large range of suppliers including printer and copier firms, specialty chemical firms, semiconductor makers, metrology and imaging OEMs, eCommerce providers, and software services firms.

The Need for Market Analysis: Why A Personal 3D Printing Advisory Service?

The huge potential size of the personal 3D printing market combined with the fact that it is changing and evolving so rapidly, makes it critical for successful firms in this space to receive top-tier industry analysis and market forecasts, so that business development and marketing managers can best spot the opportunities - and the challenges -- in P3DP as they arise.

SmarTech's Personal 3D Printing Service:

  • Identifies the most profitable market niches . As the P3DP market explodes, the personal 3D printer market will segment into several different classes of printer depending on performance and capabilities, new kinds of materials suited for P3DP will appear, as will a slew of new software. These new products will inevitably be over-hyped; only some will make money. Faced with the need to discern the P3DP wheat from the chaff our perceptive industry analysis can guide market players to the most profitable trends in personal 3D printing.
  • Offers insight into company strategies and market shares . At SmarTech we expect that the next few years will be years of turmoil in the P3DP market. Just as in the early personal computing business we expect to see firms rise and fall, some turning into the Apples of a new generation, others disappearing from view. We also anticipate that quite soon some of the leading names in consumer electronics will be moving into the P3DP space. P3DP marketing strategies will ultimately range from the most open source to the most proprietary. Insight from our best industry analysts can increase understanding of who will be the winners and who will be the losers in the personal 3D printing market in the upcoming years.
  • Deepens understanding about how personal 3D printers will evolve in terms of performance, features and materials support . As personal 3D printers become a practical tool for consumer environments, they will inevitably achieve new levels of performance, adopt new capabilities and support a wider variety of materials; metals for P3DP will be especially important. SmarTech's Perceptive market analysis can track these trends and link them to market needs, showing how novel feature sets and materials can generate new business revenues for P3DP companies.
  • Compares and contrast pricing and supply chain strategies . Personal 3D printers have yet to be well defined in the marketplace. Are they just a tool for the "Maker" market, do they represent a product that will eventually become as ubiquitous as the smart phone . . . Or something in between? An understanding of how personal 3D printers will fit into the marketplace will determine the appropriate price points and supply chains for these machines. The careful assessments provided by the Personal 3D Printing Service can help determine profitable pricing and distribution strategies.
  • Helps evaluate the commercial importance of legal and intellectual property issues . Although open source has played an important role in the initial growth of the P3DP market, it seems likely that in the future, as in other high-tech markets, the important players in this market will develop their own intellectual property as a means of competitive advantage. For the startups in this space, the venture capitalists will insist on no less. SmarTech's penetrating analysis will identify just which intellectual property can make a real difference in the P3DP space and what is to be won and lost in IP disputes.
  • Is never out of date in a market that produces significant change on a quarterly, if not monthly, basis . Because our service package is delivered monthly, that means our models, forecasts, and assumptions are never based on last year's thinking. Things in the personal 3D printing world change fast - from products, to retail adoption, to applications. Your market research should reflect these rapid evolutions so your business can too.

SmarTech's Personal 3D Printing Advisory Service: Forecasts, Data and More

The Personal 3D Printing Advisory Service is published monthly and each issue contains the latest from SmarTech's including:

  • Market forecasts and opportunity analyses
  • New product tracking
  • Written commentary on announcements, trends, and industry news.

Each monthly offering is divided into three knowledge modules, each of which track particular pieces of the industry:

  • P3DP HardwareTRACKER - The P3DP HardwareTRACKER module in focuses on market data, forecasts and analysis related to new 3D printers and scanners for the sub $5,000 3D printer segment. New printers and scanners for P3DP applications technology in the personal 3D printing industry are appearing constantly, each with its own story. The P3DP HardwareTRACKER reveals the strategies behind these stories.
  • P3DP MaterialsTRACKER - The P3DP MaterialsTRACKER is the service module that tracks developments of new and exciting printing materials for printers in the personal 3D printing space. P3DP printers on the market today are rapidly becoming compatible with more than just ABS and PLA materials. New infused filaments, high quality thermoplastics, and flexible materials are rapidly appearing on the market. In what will undoubtedly become something of a materials zoo, the P3DP MaterialsTRACKER will show where the money will be won and lost in the P3DP materials space.
  • P3DP MarketTRACKER - This is the module for all the things that are happening within the overall P3DP market. In P3DP MarketTRACKER, SmarTech assesses the implications of new applications, expanding retail channels, IP issues, and other factors constantly shaping the competitive landscape for low-cost 3D printing.


About the Analyst

The analyst in charge of SmarTech's Personal 3D Printing Advisory is Scott Dunham, Senior Business Analyst at SmarTech. Scott has years of industry analysis experience in the areas of advanced manufacturing and 3D printing.

Scott holds a Bachelor's degree in marketing and research from the University of Kentucky's Gatton School of Business & Economics, and has been a featured speaker at 3D printing industry events around the world.

SmarTech Markets Publishing is the leading provider of market research and industry analysis in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector. We have published reports on most of the important revenue opportunities in the 3D printing sector include personal printers, low-volume manufacturing, 3D printing materials, medical/dental markets and other promising 3D market segments. Our client roster includes some of the largest 3D printer firms, materials firms and investors in the world.

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