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The Road to 5G Pricing & Services

Published by Tariff Consultancy Ltd. Product code 650903
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The Road to 5G Pricing & Services
Published: annual subscription Content info:

- a unique new 5G service launched by Telecoms Pricing

Telecoms Pricing, experts in mobile telecoms pricing worldwide, has launched a new subscription service called The Road to 5G Pricing & Services.

The service focusses on the preparations being made for the launch of 5G services - initially as a FWA (Fixed Wireless Access) service by the end of 2018 - and as a smartphone service later in 2019.

The Road to 5G Pricing & Services is published in a PowerPoint format, and will provide an update every quarter on the following four key issues:

  • 1. 5G key regulatory developments - Overview of 5G regulatory developments including consultations, auctions including Government-approved 5G spectrum.
  • 2. 5G technical trials - Summary of technical trials including applications testing, real world tests & FWA services, later leading to 5G-enabled smartphone services.
  • 3. 5G forecasts - Overview of the debate on new 5G services, key business case developments & 5G forecasts.
  • 4. 5G launch plans - News of mobile operator 5G launches (including 5G FWA launches) and launch plans worldwide.

The initial edition of The Road to 5G - Pricing & Services also considers the pricing dilemmas faced by the MNO in launching 5G services and the lessons that the mobile operator may learn from the previous generation launch of 4G LTE services.

The launch of 4G LTE initially was priced at a premium to other data services, but 4G LTE pricing has since been adjusted to become the same price as a standard mobile data service - which allowed 4G LTE to develop a genuine mass market presence.

Additionally, 4G LTE pricing is now typically based on the mobile data allowance (in GB) rather than the download speed (in Mbps) in most countries, with high data allowances attracting a price premium.

As the key differentiator between LTE 4G services and 5G services is the difference in download speeds (with 5G potentially enabling 1 Gbps speeds and above) and latency (with 5G supporting so-called "ultra-low" latency applications) - the MNO may have to change its current pricing model to cater for data speed rather than data consumption with 5G.

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