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Annual Information Service

EnergyTrend Market Intelligence Service: Photovoltaic (PV) & Battery Market Research

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EnergyTrend Market Intelligence Service: Photovoltaic (PV) & Battery Market Research
Published: annual subscription Content info:

Silver Member Service - Weekly Spot Price Trends

PV Historical Spot Price (Online Access)

  • January 2009 ~ March 2010 (Poly-Wafer-Solar Cell-PV Module)
  • Weekly Spot Price -ASP (Monthly Price Quotation For Reference)
  • March 2010 ~ January 2011 (Poly-Wafer-Solar Cell-PV Module)
  • Weekly Spot Price -ASP
  • January 2011 ~ Current: (Poly-Wafer-Solar Cell-PV Module)
  • Weekly Spot Price -Highspot price-Average spot price-Low spot price
  • Silver report members can view weekly spot price and price trend graph online
  • Can choose trend period freely

Silver Member Service -Monthly Market Insight

Monthly PV Market Insight (20thof Each Month; Excel)

  • Regional Price Information-Worldwide and China (Poly-Wafer-Solar Cell-PV Module)
  • Market Trend-Worldwide and China

*EnergyTrend divides wafer and cell prices into two categories -normal product and high-efficiency product and will continue to provide in-depth content.

  • Analysts' Commentaries

Customized price report -Annual supply chain price forecast

PV supply chain price forecast(Endof each month;Excel)

  • Annual supply chain price forecast-Poly-Wafer-Cell-Module

Price breakdown

  • Polysilicon: Normal-grade, contract price, granular, auxiliary
  • Wafer: Super high efficiency,high efficiency,mono-si
  • Cell: Mono-si, high efficiency, China, Taiwan, third party
  • Module: multi-si, mono-si
  • EnergyTrend whole new price forecast covers price information throughout the entire year. The forecast is based on our global supply/demand database and feedback from the industry every week to help our clients to get hold of future market trend.


Competitor analysis timely react to the activities of major manufacturers, assist our clients to grasp the latest news of their competitors.

Silver Member Service -Monthly Market Insight

Chinese Module Customs Data & Taiwan PV Customs Data Report (20thof Each Month; Excel)

  • Monthly Chinese Module Customs Data including major Chinese Company's Module Spec, Export Price, and TotalShipment.

*Detail priceis restricted to port of Shanghai only.

Gold Member Service -Supply / Demand Database

Worldwide PV Supply/Demand Database (End of February, May, August, November; Excel & PDF)

  • Worldwide PV Demand Forecast (2013-2019)
  • Installations by EMEA / Asia / America
  • Worldwide PV Supply Forecast (2013-2019)
  • By Capacity / Production / Utilization
  • Worldwide Suppliers Capacity/Production
  • Poly -Wafer -Cell -C-Si Module
  • PV Price Trends (By Quarter)
  • PV Companies Financial Data (By Quarter)

Gold Member Service -Quarterly Market Information Update

Global PV market development Analysis (End of February, May, August, November, PDF)

  • Worldwide policy & Installation update (Asia / EMEA / America)
  • Global PV subsidy policy overview (EMEA/ America / Asia)
  • Analyst commentary of regional market and supply chain
  • Members can clearly view how well the market is doing each quarter through our updates on subsidy plans and installation status.

Gold Member Service -Quarterly PV Companies Financial Analysis

Quarterly PV Companies Financial Analysis (End of February, May, August, November; PDF)

  • PV manufacturer financial data analysis & comparison
  • Financial Structure / Liquidity / Efficiency / Profitability Analysis
  • PV manufacturer financial result commentary

Comparison of Solar Energy Manufacturer's Financial Structure

                        Source 4Q12 financial results from solar companies/EnergyTrend

  • EnergyTrendreleases quarterly analysis of major manufacturer's financial situation. Aside from pointing out the positive aspects of the current report, EnergyTrendwill also bring the reader's attention to information other important aspects, such as the financial structure progression comparison for solar manufacturers in 4Q12.

Battery Sliver Member Report

  • Battery Cell Market Trend
  • Consumer Cell Application Market
  • Power Application Market
  • Market demand for solar energy storage devices
  • Market demand for electric vehicles(2015-2020)
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