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Quarterly Touch Module Cost Breakdown Report

Published by TrendForce Product code 227299
Published 4 issues / year Content info
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Quarterly Touch Module Cost Breakdown Report
Published: 4 issues / year Content info:

The quarterly report surveys the touch module costs, which is divided into various main components and processes: sensor, cover glass, bonding and touch IC. In terms of different touch module technologies, the report lists costs of glass type, film type, and OGS type to help readers understand relations between technologies and costs. In addition to the current cost level, the cost forecasts of the next three quarters are included in the research, which in advance underline the possible industry changes and their impacts on costs.

  • 1. Period covered > Q2'11 ~ the current quarter (forecast)+the next three quarters(forecast)
  • 2. Product covered > tablet touch modules, certain NB and mobile touch modules included
  • 3. Manufacturer covered > major touch module makers and component suppliers in Taiwan, Korea, China, and Japan
  • 4. Report format > Excel + PDF
  • 5. Update frequency > quarterly
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