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Quarterly New Display Technology Cost Analysis (OLED/Mini LED)

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Quarterly New Display Technology Cost Analysis (OLED/Mini LED)
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This publication has been discontinued on July 17, 2019.


Research Incentives & Purpose

Explore the Possibility of OLED & Mini LED

Since the architecture of Mini LED is similar to that of current LED backlight in LCD displays, and few change in the design is needed. Thus, some manufacturers have focused on the development of Mini LED, expecting it to become a transitional product before Micro LED is ready for mass production. Based on this trends, we research on the cost of this new application and compare it to OLED, hoping to help our readers for better knowing of this new tech.

Cooperation of WitsView& LEDinside

Since LED technology joined the display market and gradually becomes one of the key solutions, we consider this would be with bright prospect. As WitsViewis a display research institution that focuses on market of panels and its products, and LEDinsidefocuses on LED and its application market, both of us decide to devote ourselves to the deeper analysis of OLED & Mini LED application in the display market.

Thorough Understanding of New Display Tech

Through the cooperation of WitsViewand LEDinside, we aim to bring our readers valuable insights of the application of this new technology. Despite the processing cost, we also help you get into the latest developing trends and market status. Hope readers are well benefitted from the information we offer.

Report Details

After analysts interviewed and surveyed panel makers, upstream component makers, and related manufacturers in the supply chain, analysts analyze and simulate quantitative data of cost, provide qualitative trends, and visualize the statistics.

Report Format

  • EXCEL sheet: Include cost analysis breakdown by application and different SPECs.
  • PDF: Wording illustration for deeper explanation on the data.

Data Coverage

  • PDF: Revealing the latest market status and trends behind the numbers
  • EXCEL data:
    • 13 Models (Applications and models may be changed due to different market trends.)
    • Cost Breakdown by Backlit unit, Material cost, Variable cost, Cash cost, etc.
    • Current Quarter and next 3 Quarter Forecast.

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