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Published: annual subscription Content info:

Televisory's EQUiBase brings together the company, industry and economy specific data requirement at one-stop destination. Get Economic, Commodity, Equity, Forex, Company Financials, Shareholding & Management Details, Debt Profile, Analyst Coverage and Company Filings of all listed companies within a single download.

User friendly interface and interactive comparison functionality enables the data visualization and download experience like never before. Get access to detailed financials, key ratios and valuation metrics of more than 50,000+ publicly traded companies across the world.

Screening tool of Televisory's EQUiBase allows users to filter & sort the list of public companies on geographic, industry and financial value range, and enables comparison among the peer group that powers your investment decisions. Data access (visualization, real time comparison and download functionality) to key industry and country specific macro indicators for more than 130 industries and 100+ countries.


Televisory's easy to navigate and visually appealing Watchlist enables you to create customized dashboards and keep a regular watch on performance of and movement in selected company and economy specific metrices.


Our extensive database (with more than two decades of historical data), covering multiple sectors across the globe, is the answer to all your data company and economic data requirements.

Uncover historical trends, compare opportunities within and across industries and countries to make fact-based, informed investment decisions.

  • 50,000+ publicly traded companies
  • Private companies data of selected countries and growing
  • 275 Industry specific and 100+ country specific economic data points
  • Quarterly Industry Update report of 100 countries and 130+ industries


The dynamic screener allows you to filter stocks based on 200+ Financial Criteria and Valuation metrics to narrow down your search of potential investment opportunities, thereby reducing significant research time providing you a head-start to generate alpha.


Use our Intelligent Charting System to Unveil Patterns, Outliers, Correlations and Uncover Underlying Trends in data on a vivid and Interactive Graphical Interface helping you to visualize complex data with ease.


Our quarterly industry monitor is an extremely valuable tool which helps you track the continuously changing dynamics of 130+ Distinct Industries at a regional and Global level to assess the health of different Industries and explore potential market opportunities.


Data download module allows to download data for multi periods at one go and in a single structured excel file.

Key data points available for download:

  • Company - 630+ Financial and Valuation Items (Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, Financial Ratios, Valuation Ratios), Stock Price, Beta, Debt Profile, Share holding & Management Details Analyst Coverage and Company Filings
  • Country - 100+ Key Economic Indicators, Bond Yields and Foreign Exchange Data
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