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Internet Middle Mile

Published: annual subscription | TeleGeography

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Internet Middle Mile
Published: annual subscription
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A new class of network provider has emerged, optimizing connectivity between the office and the cloud. What do they offer? How do they do it? And what's happening between the core backbone and local access?

We have intel on that.

You heard it here first: middle mile services are going to be one of the next major topics of interest for global enterprises.

"Middle mile" loosely refers to the network segment linking the core backbone with local access. From the perspective of a potential customer, it might refer to whatever happens between its connection with the service provider and its application in the cloud.

There are many ways to traverse the link between the user and a cloud-hosted application. TeleGeography's data and analysis examines new propositions for optimizing that task.

Middle Mile Market Analysis

TeleGeography's Internet Middle Mile research service is the ultimate guide to understanding the link between users and cloud-hosted applications.

As the industry rushes to catch up on who does what within this new category of service provider, we have a head start. Our Internet Middle Mile research puts qualitative provider interviews in the context of TeleGeography's larger trove of telecom data, giving users a full picture of the modern middle mile offering.

In short? We're defining this new class of provider and clearly outlining who does what in the market.

Our experts have identified a starting lineup of middle mile providers; we've reached out to them directly to understand how they work. Further, we've reviewed their middle mile offerings alongside our unique WAN datasets. From there, we created an analysis that was written with cloud-connecting companies in mind.

If you want to understand the middle mile market-and you're looking for TeleGeography's unique perspective-our Internet Middle Mile toolkit is what you've been waiting for.

Vendor Profiles

This tool includes full profiles of 28 vendors, including:

  • Cloud Service Providers
  • Colocation and Internet Exchange Providers
  • Managed Network-Based SD-WAN Services
  • Overlay Providers
  • Transport Providers

Profiles detail a vendor's core features, connectivity options, cloud partnerships, security offerings, geography, and market stance.