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GlobalComms Forecast Service

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GlobalComms Forecast Service
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The GlobalComms Forecast Service provides wireless, broadband, and wireline market metrics and forecasts by country and region

Content Highlights

  • Five-year forecasts of 2G, 3G, and LTE wireless subscribers and population penetration for over 200 countries, updated semi-annually
  • Five-year forecasts of broadband subscribers and household penetration for over 200 countries, updated semi-annually
  • Five-year forecasts of fixed-line subscriptions and household penetration for over 90 countries, updated annually
  • Three-year forecasts of wireless, broadband, and fixed-line revenues and average revenue per user (ARPU) for over 55 countries, updated annually
  • Five-year demographic forecasts (population, households) for over 200 countries, updated annually
  • Written summary of forecast highlights examines the outlook for wireless, broadband, and wireline markets


Market Forecasts

All market forecasts are presented by country, region, and globally. Forecasts are delivered as online tables, and may be downloaded as Excel spreadsheets and PDF tables.

Mobile and broadband forecasts are updated twice annually, and fixed-line, revenue, and demographic forecasts are updated annually. Forecasts are adjusted based on a range of factors, including:

  • Subscriber growth
  • Network deployments
  • Operator and government targets
  • Localized market conditions


Forecast Highlights Report

The service includes a report highlighting key forecast findings and trends. This is updated twice a year, and topics covered include:

  • Comparison of 3G and LTE market evolution and projections
  • Regional and global broadband subscriber projections
  • High growth mobile and broadband markets
  • Fixed-line forecasts and the transition from switched to VoIP phone service
  • Regional service revenue and ARPU projections
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