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Drug Discovery Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine

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Published annual subscription Content info Annual Subscription, Monthly, 15 Pages Per Issue
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Drug Discovery Technology TechVision Opportunity Engine
Published: annual subscription Content info: Annual Subscription, Monthly, 15 Pages Per Issue

This publication has been discontinued on January 9, 2019.



The Drug Discovery Technology (DDT) Alert is Technical Insights' new technology research subscription that reports and analyzes the latest developments in drug discovery and therapeutics, thereby providing an opportunity to acquire strategic insights into crucial developments in this industry domain. The alert typically profiles technologies that fall within the confines of, but are not limited to, technologies used for biomarker and target discovery such as high-throughput screening, signal transduction, micro arrays, RNAi, metabolomics, toxicogenomics, biosensors, and nanotechnology. In addition to these areas, a fair focus is dedicated to the latest trends in therapeutic approaches across a diversity of diseases including infectious, genetic, metabolic, neurological, cardiac, and autoimmune disorders. The alert also analyzes regulatory affairs with respect to drug discovery and development from time to time.

Through a focus on the above mentioned technologies, the DDT alert lists out important technology developers and provides appropriate market and end-user intelligence that offers critical and strategic intelligence to anyone operating or interested in this dynamic sector.

In order to bring to your desk the latest research and updates on the drug discovery front, our analysts interface directly with primary researchers to obtain crucial information that is likely to have a significant commercial impact.

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