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Wearables & Digital Health Advisory Service

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Wearables & Digital Health Advisory Service
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Tractica's ‘Wearables & Digital Health advisory service’ covers hardware, software, and services in the rapidly-evolving markets for wearable devices and digital healthcare. As part of its analysis, Tractica examines device trends, enabling technologies, business models, and industry dynamics surrounding the burgeoning market for connected body-worn devices with a focus on health applications, as well as the software systems designed to enable them. Tractica's Wearables & Digital Health research reports provide a detailed assessment of supply-side and demand-side factors, from semiconductors and components to the dynamics of end-user demand for specific device categories. Areas of focus within research reports include market development factors by geography and segment, technology issues, the competitive landscape, and detailed market forecasts.

Topics Covered:

  • Body Area Networks
  • Healthcare Biometrics
  • Healthcare Wearables
  • Mobile Health
  • Population Health Management
  • Smart Clothing & Body Sensors
  • Smart Glasses
  • Telemedicine
  • Wearable Cameras

Service Components:

  • Back catalog of all published Wearables & Digital Health research reports
  • Unlimited Analyst Inquiry access for special requests on Wearables & Digital Health topics
  • Quarterly conference call with the Wearables & Digital Health analyst team to discuss market trends and address questions
  • Annual full-day analyst on-site strategic advisory session including research presentations and roundtable discussions
  • Input into Tractica's prioritization and scheduling of research projects
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