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Artificial Intelligence - Research, Data and Trends

Published: annual subscription | Venture Scanner, Inc.

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Artificial Intelligence - Research, Data and Trends
Published: annual subscription
Venture Scanner, Inc.
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Venture Scanner is the foundation of your emerging technology research. Get startup lists, data, and trends for any startup market.

Our artificial intelligence research includes three key sections.

Executive Summary

Understand the trajectory and trends of disruptive technologies.

Detailed Discovery

Identify the startups, investors, and acquirers organized by categories.

Latest Activity

Stay current by tracking the latest startups, funding and exit events, and curated news.

Our research is web-based, updated hourly, and fully exportable.

The Executive Summary section allows you to quickly make sense of the artificial intelligence ecosystem.

Our analysts have organized the chaotic startup landscape into defined categories, making it easy to understand the areas of innovation and develop insights.

Graphical charts and visualizations help you monitor funding and traction trends at all levels of the artificial intelligence landscape. They can all be exported.

Spot shifts in the market and make better strategic decisions.

The Detailed Discovery section will enable you to rapidly navigate companies and investors to find the best opportunities for your organization.

Drill down on our analyst defined categories, study the artificial intelligence companies and investors, and shortlist based on your unique strategic needs.

Learn more about startups and investors on profile pages with access to millions of data points.

Power your artificial intelligence startup analysis and scouting.

The Latest Activity section helps you stay current on ongoing changes in the artificial intelligence space and to never miss a critical update.

Our Recent Highlights give you a view on the categories and companies that are showing funding and exit momentum.

The Company News section allows you to never miss a critical event. We've curated the news sources allowing you to focus on the signals versus the noise of headlines. You can view company news at the market or category level.

Venture Scanner's entire artificial intelligence research dataset can be exported for any custom analysis you wish to complete.

Our various exports include detailed data points that are all updated daily.

Answer your strategic questions by slicing and dicing our robust research dataset.

Quarterly and Annual Summary Reports

In addition to our web-based research that is updated daily, our analyst team creates quarterly and annual summary decks on artificial intelligence trends.

Download the quarter and year ending slide decks and use as you wish in your internal and external presentations.

Venture Scanner has continuous coverage of the emerging technology markets.

Choose from any of our 17 market coverage areas.

We offer a variety of packages to match your needs.