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Wheelchair Medical Equipment Markets - Market Shares, Analysis and Index, Bundle, Worldwide 2006 to Current, Quarterly

Published: annual subscription | WinterGreen Research, Inc.


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Wheelchair Medical Equipment Markets - Market Shares, Analysis and Index, Bundle, Worldwide 2006 to Current, Quarterly
Published: annual subscription
WinterGreen Research, Inc.
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Analysis to Provide Unique Perspective of Market Sector Revenue

The WinterGreen Impact product is an Excel document that provides ten years of quarterly revenue for the top ten to twenty companies in a market segment. This granular numerical analysis is supported by descriptions of the strengths and weakness of each company. Analysis of the market segments and market driving forces are included.

Company write-ups provide illumination into the strengths and challenges that each company faces in the market segment in a competitive context that is rarely, if ever available. Company write-ups provide details which elucidate the opportunities created by the particular product set of each company, and identify potential acquisition targets.

Quarterly updates provide information on the changing nature of the market, companies of particular note, and overall market strength. Both public and private companies are included to allow direct comparison of each company to its direct competitors. This is not using comps that are so typical in the market, but is actually comparing the large companies to the smaller private companies in the same market to allow actual direct comparison.

The numerical analysis presented leads to understanding of the market trends. By presenting actual revenue numbers, further analysis can be performed to gain additional market insight. An index of the growth (or loss) of each company's revenue since 2006 is also included. The graph of the index gives a visual grouping of the performance of the companies in the market segment. This highlights the companies that have had strong or weak growth over a particular period. Strong growth and market share dominance are not necessarily synonymous. When they are, this indicates a truly strong company. Thus, the WinterGreen Impact product provides in-depth perspective, and identificationof the winners and losers in this market segment.

Aging Population Drives Growth of Worldwide Homecare Equipment

Homecare Medical Equipment Markets are poised to achieve continuing growth as the aging population needs homecare treatment. The homecare equipment market consists primarily of wheelchairs, scooters, oxygen treatment equipment, accessibility beds, lifts, and toilets. Homecare medical equipment has until recently been sold primarily through distributers. The impact of direct sales through the Internet has brought about some distribution market consolidation, leading to a decrease of in the number of distributers for homecare equipment.

As the population ages, people are more frail and need assistance for mobility. Wheelchair technology is evolving to give people with disabilities more mobility. Mobility depends on a wheelchair that is fit to purpose. Power and manual wheelchairs are bought depending on the needs of the customers. Medical scooters are a growing segment of mobility for the aging population, as they perform better in an outdoor environment. Many issues impact the choice of a wheelchair, including cost and reimbursement availability.

Companies Profiled Include:

  • Invacare
  • Pride Mobility Products Corp.
  • Hoveround Corporation
  • Permobil AB
  • OttoBock Healthcare GmbH
  • Sunrise Medical
  • GF Health Products Inc.
  • Merits Health Products Co. Ltd.
  • Medort Group, MEYRA
  • Medical Depot Inc.
  • 21st Century Scientific, Inc.
  • Permobil acquires ROHO
  • Handicare
  • Drive Medicals Ltd.