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Lexicomp Online

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Lexicomp Online
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Lexicomp® is the only provider offering three drug information resources, in a single comprehensive online solution, to meet the needs of pharmacists, physicians and nurses.

  • Pharmacists - Benefit from multiple levels of drug information in one resource. Lexicomp databases provide Clear, Concise and Accurate drug information; AHFS adds more in-depth content with links to the primary literature when further research knowledge is needed.
  • Physicians - Access concise drug information and treatment recommendations on diseases and conditions quickly and efficiently.
  • Nurses - Utilize patient education materials on diseases, conditions and medications, in up to 19 languages. Also access patient management and I.V. compatibility information.

Access multiple databases designed for use at the point-of-care, including:

  • Lexi-Drugs®
  • Pediatric Lexi-Drugs®
  • AHFS®
  • Geriatric Lexi-Drugs®
  • Lexi-Pregnancy & Lactation™
  • Drug Allergy & Idiosyncratic Reactions
  • Natural Products
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Martindale
  • Lexi-Drugs® International
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Harrison's Practice
  • Lab Tests & Diagnostic Procedures

Each database is designed to be Clear, Concise and Accurate. Clinicians at the point-of-care can quickly find the answers they need - when they need them most.

With the addition of AHFS (an official compendium designated by U.S. Congress), Lexicomp Online provides easy access to more in-depth information.

Utilize embedded links within Lexicomp information to access:

  • Comparative Efficacy Discussion
  • Additional Off-Labeled Uses
  • 70,000 uniquely cited references
  • 500,000 links to primary research



Complete drug and herbal interaction analysis program

Drug Identification

Provides quick identification of unknown medications based on Imprint, Dosage Form, Shape and Color


Designed to assist with drug dosing, drip rates and organ function assessment in both adults and children

I.V. Compatibility

Users can access the industry's leading resources, Trissel's™ 2 and the King® Guide

Patient Education

Delivers multi-language patient education materials in one easy-to-use application


Information on agents of toxicity, antidotes and decontaminants, household products, toxicology-specific calculators and drug identification.

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