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US Post-Recession Energy Policy to Remain Focused on Energy Independence Through 2020

May 18th, 2012

Global Information Inc. is pleased to announce two significant new reports dealing with US Energy Policy and related supply markets through 2020:

U.S. Energy Challenges for 2020

As the United States population continues to grow and economic conditions continue to improve post-Recession, energy consumption rates will also rise in the US during the next decade. These factors are presently driving American interest in net-zero buildings and renewable energy generation, combined with a stated policy goal of energy independence, as well as concern with unmet energy demand and a growing awareness of the negative environmental impacts of high energy consumption. US policy recommendations to overcome energy challenges include continued focus on renewable energy generation and extended energy efficiency goals to all commercial buildings, rather than the current focus on government buildings.

Frost & Sullivans US Energy Challenges for 2020 is an new energy policy market research report that explores the top mega trends affecting the US energy market and the impact of those mega trends on the energy industry, including government responses to increasing energy demand and their implications for a cohesive US energy policy.

Readers can request a free sample of the full report at

Analysis of the Wastewater Treatment Equipment Market in the North America Shale Gas Industry

A noteworthy companion market research report, Frost & Sullivans Analysis of the Wastewater Treatment Equipment in the North American Shale Gas Industry, provides an overview of the market drivers and restraints, market size, and forecasts wastewater treatment equipment used in shale gas. As shale gas is further explored as an alternative domestic energy resource, this reports analysis of equipment used for flowback and produced water will help producers of that equipment better detail their business plans through 2016, and will help companies engaged in the production of shale gas better map out their costs.

Uncertainty remains high over short term natural gas prices, and the cost of environmental challenges associated with advanced drilling techniques for hydraulic fracturing and horizontal drilling is a significant unknown. Due to these factors and the increasing focus on sustainability, the market is not expected to show strong growth until 2016.

This report examines the total wastewater treatment equipment market for the shale gas industry in North America, and offers a market overview that examples external drivers and restraints, offers forecasts and trends through 2016, and presents a demand analysis for this equipment. The report also offers market share data and competitive analysis, as well as mega trends and industry convergence implications.

A free sample of the full analysis is available by request at

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