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New IT Decision Makers Survey Findings: CRM is Most Mobilized Business Application for Western European Manufacturers

July 20th, 2012

Global Information Inc. would like to present a new market research report, "Business Strategy: Adoption and Investments of Mobility Applications in the Western European Manufacturing Industry" by IDC Manufacturing Insights.

In a recent survey of mobile applications conducted across Western Europe, IDC Manufacturing Insights found that CRM is the most mobilized business application in manufacturing, with over 35% manufacturers already mobilizing their CRM applications.

According to IDC, smart devices, which provide an exploding array of user features, are considered one of the key drivers to mobility in the slowest-growing markets in Western Europe. The accelerating pace of business is deeply affecting how manufacturers operate. They have to become more integrated, faster, and more nimble, and IT departments are increasingly required to support this transformation.

IDC Manufacturing Insights recent research shows that one issue for manufacturers is that information is often available on their systems but is not readily accessible. As the information is currently available in silos around the company and across departments, functional areas, and hierarchical levels, manufacturers are changing their organizational structures and empowering employees with IT systems, enabling real-time access to information. Mobile devices and applications are key tools for manufacturers to create an information-based collaborative decision-making environment and to open lines of communication.

Key highlights of the survey include:

  • Email is the gateway to mobility. Handheld devices are extensively used in the manufacturing environment, but in most cases they are used to cover simple processes such as emails or office productivity applications.
  • CRM is the most mobilized business application. About 35% of manufacturers have already mobilized their CRM applications. These are the most suitable business applications for mobile deployment. CRM applications are tightly linked to email, and they are often delivered on the cloud and typically used by mobile salespeople.
  • Logistics and supply chain functions enabled by mobility. In order to speed up their business, manufacturers have started deploying mobile tools on their supply chains, particularly to support logistics processes. Mobile devices are critical to ensure real-time visibility of transportation processes, for example.
  • Other business applications are not covered by mobility. It is different when it comes to business applications such as field service and shop floor, with less than 25% of companies providing their field and manufacturing workers with handheld devices. In most cases, their work is still supported by laptops or simply based on paper processes.

"Historically, the main priority of CIOs has been to establish the necessary technological platform to deliver mobile services and to efficiently manage the exploding number of devices across the enterprise," said Lorenzo Veronesi, EMEA research analyst, IDC Manufacturing Insights. "Companies are now taking the next step, and we see growing interest in extending on-premises corporate applications to mobile devices." The report focuses on deployment of mobile applications in manufacturing organizations and future developments that will shape adoption trends.

The report focuses on deployment of mobile applications in manufacturing organizations and future developments that will shape adoption trends.

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